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Connect Airbnb

Everything you need to know about how to connect Airbnb to your SiteMinder platform.

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Updates supported by Airbnb

Your SiteMinder platform sends inventory updates to Airbnb that include the following data:

  • Rates and occupancy — rates shown on the Inventory page, Extra adult rate (Extra guest fee), and Single guest discount.

  • Availability.

  • Restrictions — Minimum stay, Maximum stay, Stop sell, Close to arrivals (CTA), and Close to departures (CTD).


  • Length of stay restrictions (Minimum stay and Maximum stay) are applied to the check-in day for Airbnb. For example, if you set this Minimum stay to ‘3’ for 2 June and a guest wants to book a two-night reservation starting on 1 June, they will be able to make the reservation.

  • The Extra adult rate setting in the SiteMinder platform will sync with Airbnb’s Extra guest fee setting. The price will be for both children and adults.

  • Channels that accept stop sell can also accept your SiteMinder platform’s release period.

  • CTA and CTD are useful when reception staff is not available for check-ins or check-outs on specific days.

  • Airbnb has a maximum inventory update period of 730 days.

Connect Airbnb


To connect Airbnb, follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your existing Airbnb business host account.

  2. On the same browser where you are logged in on Airbnb, on a different tab, open your SiteMinder platform.

  3. Go to Distribution > Channels.

  4. In the All channels tab, find Airbnb and click on it.

  5. The Channel information window shows Airbnb links that you should open and read before proceeding. If your property meets the criteria, tick I understand the criteria for eligibility and meet the criteria. Click on Connect.

  6. Fill in the required information in the Channel connection wizard and follow the steps detailed below.

Step 1: Account

  1. Tick Confirm that I have an Airbnb account and currently signed in.

  2. Click the Authorise listing on Airbnb button. (You will be redirected to the authorisation screen on Airbnb.)

  3. On Airbnb’s website, click on I agree and then click on Allow. (You will be redirected back to your SiteMinder platform). If the connection is successful, you will see a ‘Verified signed in successfully’ message; if the connection fails, you will see an error message.

  4. Click on Next.

Step 2: Property details

  1. Check your Property address — the fields will be pre-filled from your SiteMinder platform’s Property settings. Edit them if necessary.

  2. Click Check location to automatically calculate your property’s Latitude, Longitude, Place ID, and geolocation.


  • If you edit your Property address, it will update it in your Property settings.

  • If the location on the map sourced from Google is not accurate, ensure the pin is on the right spot by manually moving the pin, or click the Check location button again. Once the pin is on the right spot, click on the map’s Confirm button.

Step 3: Property policies

Under Property policies, you can use the Restricted check-in / check-out times for Airbnb (if applicable) — click on the toggle to enable or disable the option.

  • If enabled — select a time for Start time for check-in, End time for check-in, Start time for check-out, and End time for check-out.

  • If disabled — the start times for check-in and check-out will be the ones in your SiteMinder platform’s property Policies (navigate there by going to your property name > Property settings > Policies).


  • Airbnb does not support setting half-hour intervals (for example, 1:30) for check-in and check-out times, they will be rounded up or down by Airbnb.

  • A minimum 3-hour period is needed for check-in and check-out times. For example, check-in from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM will be rejected by Airbnb, but check-in from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM will be accepted.

  • Start times cannot be after end times.

  • When restricting check-in and check-out times, it is not recommended to have check-in times over the same period as check-out times.

Step 4: Settings


  • These settings will be displayed on your Airbnb listings.

  • Text fields cannot contain e-mail addresses, website URLs, phone numbers, emojis, repeated special characters, or words in all capital letters.

Cancellation policy

Select the cancellation policy applicable to all reservations made on Airbnb from the following options:

  • Flexible — guests cancelling up to one day prior to arrival will get a full refund (excluding Airbnb fees). Guests cancelling on the check-in day won’t get a refund.

  • Moderate — guests cancelling up to five days prior to arrival will get a full refund (excluding Airbnb fees). Guests cancelling within five days from the check-in day won’t get a refund.

  • Strict (grace period) — guests cancelling within 48 hours of booking the accommodation will get a full refund, as long as it was booked 14 days before the check-in day. Guests cancelling between 14 and seven days prior to arrival will get a 50% refund. Guests cancelling within seven days from the check-in day won’t get a refund.

  • Super strict 30 — guests cancelling up to 30 days prior to arrival will get a 50% refund (excluding Airbnb fees). Guests cancelling within 30 days from the check-in day won’t get a refund.

  • Super strict 60 — guests cancelling up to 60 days prior to arrival will get a 50% refund (excluding Airbnb fees). Guests cancelling within 60 days from the check-in day won’t get a refund.

  • Firm — guests cancelling up to 30 days prior to arrival will get a full refund. Guests cancelling up to a week from the check-in day will get a 50% refund. Guests cancelling within seven days from the check-in day won’t get a refund.

You should only select a super strict policy if it has been set up and approved on Airbnb’s extranet prior to adding the channel to our platform. Learn more: Airbnb cancellation policies.

Permit or tax ID

If required by local laws, enter the local permit or tax ID to be displayed on your Airbnb listing. ⚠️ Make sure to check local regulations to confirm whether your property is required to have a permit or tax ID.


Help your guests find your property and how to get to its location by entering detailed directions. (For example: public transport information from different areas, such as the airport, port, train station, bus station, and so on.) You can include parking information and transportation services offered by your property.

The directions will only be shared with guests once a reservation is confirmed.


Include information about how guests will interact with you and your property’s staff during their stay. (For example: information about the reception and opening hours.)

Instant book welcome message

Enter a message of which guests will be asked to respond to when making a reservation on Airbnb. The welcome message should introduce your property and ask the guest any questions you may want to ask, like the purpose of their trip, their estimated arrival time, or if they would like you to arrange a taxi to pick them up at the airport/port/station.


  • This field has a 200-character limit.

  • The message will be sent automatically after the guests make the booking, so it is important to communicate with a tone that makes guests feel welcome.

  • Do not include contact details, as Airbnb will automatically hide them.

House rules

Provide instructions to guests on how to behave at your property. Keep them simple and succinct to increase the odds that your guests will actually read and understand them before making a reservation. A list of dos and do nots is adequate. (For example, do you allow pets, parties, smoking, and/or extra guests?)

You might have already created your house rules. Check it by going to your property name > Property settings > Policies > Terms and conditions. You can copy these and paste them in this field.

Neighbourhood overview

Enter a brief description of your property’s neighbourhood and what makes it unique. Include any suggestions about what guests can experience and enjoy close to your property. (For example, add information about nearby tourist attractions, restaurants, stores, transportation, etc.)


Include any additional details you would like your guests to know, such as interesting facts (like how old is your property and its history).

Step 5: Review and save

Once you are done, review the summary displayed and click on Connect.

Following steps:

  • You will be automatically redirected to your SiteMinder platform's Channel settings for Airbnb. Tick Enabled and Save at the bottom of the page.

  • You can start mapping the channel.

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