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Connect Airbnb: frequently asked questions
Connect Airbnb: frequently asked questions
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Can I connect different listings to one single SiteMinder platform account?

Yes, if all listings belong to the same property and are located at the same address (including their reception, if applicable).

If the addresses vary per listing or you want to connect more than one Airbnb host account, you should not connect them through a single SiteMinder platform account. All listings must share the same address and each Airbnb account requires to connect with a single SiteMinder platform (this is because Airbnb requires geolocation of the property and we can only send one address).

💡 An Airbnb host account can contain listings from multiple properties; however, our platform account requires a single address.

Can I have different Airbnb host accounts connected to one single SiteMinder platform account?

No, but you can have several SiteMinder platform accounts connected to a single Airbnb host account. Each Airbnb host account has a ‘host ID’ and we can only connect one single host ID for each SiteMinder platform account.

Can I connect an existing Airbnb host account with the SiteMinder platform?

Yes, as long as it is a host property configured as Business. Note that when you are connecting the channel to our platform, you need to log into your business host account on a separate tab/window.

What is Airbnb's hotel selection criteria?

Airbnb is very selective about the type of properties that can be listed on Airbnb. When connecting Airbnb, you will find the channel’s selection criteria.

💡 Note:

  • If a property does not meet the selection criteria, however still connects to Airbnb, Airbnb will not set the property live.

  • If the channel details and listing details are incorrectly filled out, Airbnb will contact your property and ask you to edit your account details in order to comply with the criteria before your property can be set live.

Can I connect one Airbnb host account with multiple SiteMinder platform accounts?

Yes, one Airbnb host account can be connected to multiple SiteMinder platform accounts. Follow the same process to connect the channel for each account.

⚠️ Note:

  • Before you decide to connect more than one SiteMinder platform account to the same Airbnb host account, keep in mind that if in future you want to disconnect Airbnb from one of your accounts, it can be complex. Revoking the Authorisation token in one SiteMinder platform will revoke the token for all the other connected SiteMinder accounts. In that case, you will see the names of Other impacted properties before revoking the token. This happens because our system has a single ‘host ID’ for that Airbnb host account and all our SiteMinder platform accounts would be connected to the same ‘host ID’.

  • You should only connect listings located on the same address for each SiteMinder platform account.

Will I keep my Superhost status and reviews if I connect Airbnb to SiteMinder and map my listings?

Yes, Superhost status and reviews will be carried over from the existing listing.

Do I need to accept the 'Instant Book' feature on Airbnb?

Yes, if you connect to Airbnb from our platform, your property will be automatically available for Instant Booking on Airbnb. You cannot set your listing as unavailable for instant booking , nor will you be able to require guests to request booking approval.

Why is Airbnb not on my list of 'All channels' to be connected?

This might be due to an internal configuration and might have an easy solution. Please for assistance.

I am logged into my existing Airbnb account, but the platform is not recognising it — why?

If you are getting a request to create a new Airbnb account, even though you are logged into your existing Airbnb account, please check that you are logged into Airbnb:

  • with the right Airbnb Host account;

  • in a parallel tab on the same browser you are using to connect to Airbnb via our platform.

If you have done the above, please check that you have completed Airbnb’s profile information. Go to Airbnb’s extranet and make sure that you have at least:
one profile picture uploaded;

  • an e-mail address;

  • a phone number;

  • and a work e-mail.

I get an ‘Account is already connected’ error — why?

This could be due to:

  • Signing in to the wrong Airbnb Host account — if you have more than one Airbnb Host account, before attempting to connect again, make sure you are signed in to the right Airbnb Host account you want to connect to our platform and it is open in a separate tab. That Airbnb Host account must not be connected to any other channel manager.

  • The Airbnb Host account was connected with our platform in the past — if your Airbnb Host account has an old connection still set up on Airbnb, you will first need to disconnect that old connection before connecting again to our SiteMinder platform.

  • On the Airbnb extranet, click on the profile picture at the top right corner.

  • Go to Account > Privacy and Sharing.

  • Scroll down to see your Connected App.

  • Click on Remove access to disconnect the old channel manager.

  • Your browser’s cache and cookies are making your browser malfunction — sometimes, your browser’s cache and cookies might need to be cleared, but this will log you out from all active logged in sessions. As a workaround, you can try using a different browser to connect Airbnb or log in using an incognito window.

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