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Airbnb reservations: frequently asked questions
Airbnb reservations: frequently asked questions
Updated over a week ago

How will I be notified when a new Airbnb reservation is made?

Airbnb will send a booking notification via e-mail to the host.

How are reservation payments collected for Airbnb?

Airbnb charges the guest for payment at the time of booking. The total amount is held by Airbnb until the booking is complete, at which time the money will be released to you. As you don’t directly charge guests for reservations, Airbnb does not send credit card details to SiteMinder in the reservation details.

Does SiteMinder process cancellations and modifications for Airbnb?

SiteMinder will apply changes sent by the channel. This is how it works:

  • On Airbnb, a guest sends a request for cancellation or modification.

  • The request is sent to you (the host) for approval — the notification will come from Airbnb directly. You need to respond to any modification/cancellation requests in the Airbnb extranet.

  • Once you confirm the modification or cancellation, the update will be sent to our platform and processed accordingly.

  • Airbnb will deal with any cancellation fee or refund to the guest.

A guest cannot modify their Airbnb reservation — why?

If a guest contacts you because they are trying to make a modification for an existing reservation however are getting an error message, please contact Airbnb’s support team.

If Airbnb cannot solve the issue, they may advise you to contact our support team who can then help you troubleshoot the issue.

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