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Multi-map your channel room rates
Multi-map your channel room rates
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💡 Important to know:

  • To multi-map your channel rates, go to Distribution > Channels.

  • Multi-mapping can only be done once the platform room rate has been mapped at least once with the channel.

Introduction to multi-mapping

Channels will sometimes send multiple room rates with similar names and settings, because they are sold in different ways, for example, as a package rate, corporate rate, or standard rate.

If their pricing and restrictions are the same, multiple channel room rates can be mapped to, and managed by a single room rate on your platform. This is called multi-mapping and helps to simplify the setup.

➕ For example:

A “Double room only” room rate can be mapped to these channel room rates:

  • Double room only - Sell rate

  • Double room only - Package rate

  • Double room only - Derived rate

  • Double room only - Linked rate

All of these channel room rates are “Double room only” but the way the channel offers them varies, as does their accepted inventory updates. This is a common multi-mapping done for Expedia, especially for properties under the Expedia Travellers Preference program.

Example of multi-mapping.

When and when not to multi-map

Yes, do multi-map

Multi-mapping can be done when channels sell multiple variants of the same room rate. Once mapped, all the reservations from those channel rates will be delivered to your platform, and from your platform to your connectivity (property management system (PMS), revenue management system (RMS), or central reservation system (CRS)), showing that they belong to the same platform room rate.

➕ For example:

  • You have a “Single room only” room rate on your platform, and one of your channels has multiple variations of this rate:

    • Single room only - guaranteed

    • Single room only - non-guaranteed

    • Single room only - corporate

  • Multi-mapping allows you to map each of these variants to the “Single room only” room rate to ensure that all reservations are delivered to your platform and to your connectivity.

Correct multi-mapping.

No, do not multi-map

Multi-mapping should not be done if you require reservations for each of the channel rates’ variants to be delivered to your platform as different room rates, with a clearly defined extra, specific inclusion, or different pricing, availability and restrictions. If you do multi-map in this situation, you may end up with rooms being sold at the wrong price or mishandled reservations.

➕ For example:

If you incorrectly multi-mapped a “Triple room - double + extra bed standard” channel rate in your channel with a “Double room - breakfast included" room rate in your platform:

  • You would not know that the reservation includes an extra bed (unless you check the reservation on the channel extranet). The reservation will be shown as a “Double room - breakfast included” in your platform, because that’s the name of the platform’s room rate where the channel rate is mapped.

  • In your platform and connectivity, your reservation will appear to be for a “Double room - breakfast included”, and two of your guests may get breakfast even though they weren’t supposed to. This means a potential loss of revenue (and a potentially disappointed third guest).

  • The reservation could also be cheaper than it should be, as a “Triple room” for three guests tends to be more expensive than a “Double room” for two. So there is another potential loss of revenue.

  • As each room rate belongs to different room types (“Triple room” and “Double room”), they require a different availability. This time, there is a potential risk of overbooking.

How to multi-map

Remember that channel settings and inventory updates may vary according to your channel integration, contract, and rate configuration.

  1. Go to Distribution > Channels tab.

  2. On the My channels tab, locate the channel to map. If you cannot find the channel, it may need to be connected.

  3. Click on the ellipsis ( ... ) to open the Channel actions menu.

  4. Select Edit room rates mapping (opens a new page).

  5. Use the Mapping status toggle to select All or Mapped.

  6. In the Channel manager column, click on the rate to map, and then on its Map to button.

  7. In the Channel rate configuration window:

    • Start updating channel - select Yes to begin updating rates, availability, and restrictions for this channel rate. Otherwise, select No.

    • Mapped to - select the corresponding channel rate from the drop-down menu.

    • For channel specific settings, see our Help Centre articles, or reach out to the channel’s support team for help.

  8. Save your configuration.

💡 Note:

  • You can also map through Rooms and rates > Rate plans:

    1. Locate the rate plan with the room rate to map. Click on its down arrow.

    2. Click on the room rate.

    3. On the Room rate actions menu, select Map to channel and then the channel. Follow the mapping instructions above from point 7 onwards.

  • Ensure that the room rate pricing setup for any channel rates mapped to the same platform rate is Derived and set to Keep rates the same. Sending different prices or restrictions under the same rate can generate sync issues, as the inventory information should be all the same when using multi-mapping.

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