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Before mapping to Hotelbeds

To control Hotelbeds' inventory from our platform, first make sure you have connected Hotelbeds and created your rates on both the Hotelbed’s extranet and our platform.

Hotelbeds contracts

Each room rate in Hotelbeds is considered a contract. You will need to ensure you have extended your contract-end dates on Hotelbeds before mapping your room rates. Contracts for each room rate must be valid for a minimum of 750 days from the current date.


  • There can be a maximum of two contracts covering the update period.

  • Usually, the second contract is an extension of the first original contract. (For example, “DOUBLE STANDARD: NRF-BAR(31618)” / “DOUBLE STANDARD: NRF-BAR(34567)”.

Room Rate Mapping

  • If there are two contracts, the room types/names need to be the same in Hotelbeds for both contracts but they must have different contract numbers.

  • When there are two contracts with the exact name, you will need to multi-map them to your room rate.

Mapping nested rooms

Rooms linked to a parent room in Hotelbeds are called ‘nested’ rooms. When mapping nested rooms, it is important to map and enable the Hotelbeds’ parent room first for the room rate you want to map.

⚠️ Note:

  • Failure to map and enable the 'parent room' may result in an error that disables the room rate.

  • Likewise, setting an availability level for the nested room that is higher than the availability of its parent room will result in an error that disables the room rate.

Currency conversion

You can set a currency for each contract (room rate). If the currency you have set on HotelBeds for one or more contracts is not the same as the Base currency you have set in the SiteMinder platform, the updates for the room rate will not sync.

To avoid this, enable Currency conversion to match the currency of the HotelBeds contracts.

💡If you have set up different currencies for different contracts in HotelBeds and you want to set up different currencies in our platform per each room rate, contact our Support team.

Inventory and reservations connection (HSI and BMS)

Hotelbeds allows different connection types with our platform:

  1. Two-way connection — the default connection where the Hotel Supplier Interface (HSI) and Booking Migration System (BMS) are both enabled on Hotelbeds:

    • HSI refers to the inventory updates that our platform sends to Hotelbeds.

    • BMS refers to the reservations that Hotelbeds sends to our platform.

  2. One-way connection — for properties that only wish to send inventory updates to Hotelbeds (HSI) or only wish to have reservations delivered to our platform (BMS), but not both.

💡If you wish to disable HSI or BMS, please contact Hotelbeds.

Liberate bookings

'Liberate' is a Hotelbeds payment option that allows properties to collect payments directly from the guest with commissions collected by Hotelbeds.

Our platform facilitates Liberate bookings by delivering credit card information or informing you if a booking is under Liberate in a particular reservation's Guest remarks.

💡If you would like to enable this payment option, you will have to contact Hotelbeds.

Manage rate configuration

💡You will find this option for each room rate mapped to Hotelbeds.

Manage rate configuration allows you to choose whether to send prices from our platform to the channel to the room rate being mapped or not.

  • If set to Yes — the default option, allows our platform to send Inventory prices for this room rate to Hotelbeds.

  • If set to No— prevents our platform to send Inventory prices for this room rate to Hotelbeds. This should be set to No whenever the rates are being derived or managed on Hotelbeds. (If you are unsure if rates are managed or derived on Hotelbeds, you will need to contact Hotelbeds directly.)

Map to Hotelbeds

To map Hotelbeds’, follow the steps in article Map a room rate to a channel.

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