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Learn about common mapping error messages
Learn about common mapping error messages

Errors and error messages you may encounter with your channel room rates, and how to resolve them.

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If you are receiving an error message relating to mapping or an error on your channel room rates, check the common errors below with explanations on why it may have occurred and what steps you can take to fix the error.

Once you have resolved the issue, you’ll need to re-enable the channel or channel room rates:

  • To enable a channel, go to Distribution > Channels > My channels, and update your channel settings.

  • To enable a channel rate, go to Distribution > Channels > My channels, and update your channel settings, ensuring that Start updating channel is set to Yes.

Updates disabled / Disabled channel room rates


  • A channel room rate — or an entire channel, such as Airbnb, HRS, or iHotelier — may become temporarily automatically disabled if there is a conflict between certain settings. Until the issue is resolved, your inventory will not be sent to the channel(s) and reservations may not be delivered to your platform. You must first resolve the issue, then re-enable the room rate or re-enable the channel.

If a channel or channel room rate becomes automatically disabled, you will be notified via e-mail (as long as you have E-mail user messages enabled in your settings for My account). The e-mail subject will look similar to this: “ACTION REQUIRED: Risk of overbooking in a disabled room rate for your property”.

The error message will also typically be shown in the channel rate configuration, or in a status on your dashboard.

Here are some common reasons why your channel room rates may become temporarily automatically disabled:

Conflict with a channel threshold

Channel room rates may become automatically disabled if a value in the Inventory or mapping configuration is either below or above the accepted threshold. Examples of why this would occur:

  • Maximum length of stay and Minimum length of stay conflict — an error will occur if you are attempting to set a Minimum length of stay higher than the Maximum length of stay that is currently set (it must always be lower). Fix this conflict by either increasing the Maximum length of stay or decreasing the Minimum length of stay for the affected dates.

  • Rate exceeds minimum or maximum channel price threshold — an error will occur if the price is either too low or too high for certain dates. Check the rates and either increase or decrease the rates for the affected dates.

  • Breakfast settings for the channel rate do not match those on the channel extranet — some channels require you to set up your mapping to exactly match the channel settings. Not matching them could lead to a disabled channel rate.

A channel requires placeholder rates before mapping, but none have been set

Channel room rates may become automatically disabled if the channel you are mapping to requires placeholder values in their inventory grid for future dates (for example 999), but placeholder values have not been set. YourSiteMinder platform would override these placeholder values during the first update. Missing placeholder values could happen if you recently connected the channel or the disabled channel room rate.

The channel rate contract needs to be extended

A contract with a channel usually includes a minimum number of dates for availability that must be sent, often around 400 days. An error may occur if you are sending less availability than the contract requires.

Could not connect to channel

If you are receiving an error message “Could not connect to channel” when attempting to connect to a channel, here are some potential reasons why:

  • Incorrect channel credentials — this could be an incorrect property code, username or password, which are provided by your channel for the connection. If you need help, contact your channel’s support team. Once you receive the credentials, you can update your channel settings.

  • Channel connection not activated — once you connect the channel in your SiteMinder platform, it should be automatically activated, except if it shows an Awaiting setup status. However, you also need to enable the channel in the channel’s Channel settings, and also activate the channel connection from the channel’s extranet.

All room rates on this channel are currently mapped

If you are receiving an error message “All room rates on this channel are currently mapped”, this means there are no room rates to map. This could be because:

  • All channel room rates are already mapped.

  • No room rates on the channel exist — you need to create room rates on the channel’s extranet first, in order to map them to your room rates in your SiteMinder platform. Once creating corresponding room rates on the channel, please wait 60 minutes before attempting mapping again. Then, try refreshing your channel room rates on the channel’s Room rates mapping page. If you see “Rates mapped: 0 of 0”, verify that the credentials in your Channel settings tab are correct and that the connection with our platform is active on the channel side.

  • There are multiple room rates with the same name or description — if the SiteMinder platform identifies a duplicate room rate, it will not show it. Ensure all channel room rates’ names and descriptions are unique.

  • There is a derived channel room rate — some channels don’t require derived room rates to be mapped.

Unable to locate channel rate / Update error

An “Unable to locate channel rate / Update error” error message will appear when a contract or room rate is modified or removed in the channel’s extranet, and, therefore, the affected channel room rates are no longer recognised by your platform.

You may receive this error message when:

  • The equivalent channel room rate was deleted — you should unmap or disconnect the rate in your platform from the channel.

  • There has been a change in the contract or rate — when rate details have been modified and are no longer recognisable, the rate will get unmapped and you will need to map them again.

  • For Airbnb, when approval is pending — if you have recently mapped to Airbnb, channel rates may show the "Unable to locate" error message while Airbnb is in the process of approving the listings.

Rates, availability, or restrictions are mismatched or not not syncing correctly to a channel

If inventory updates — rates, availability, or restrictions such as min stay, max stay, or CTA restrictions — are not syncing to a channel, or if you are seeing a mismatch of inventory sent to the channel, please check the following:

  • Make sure the room rate(s) are mapped correctly to the channel, and that the Start updating channel toggle in the Channel rate configuration is set to Yes.

  • Check the inventory values in the Inventory grid (Distribution > Inventory).

  • Check that the channel supports receiving the inventory updates.

  • Check if there are slow updates affecting the channel.

  • Check if there is a ‘channel connection was interrupted’ message on your Dashboard.

  • Check your mapping, and to try and help resend/push inventory to the channel by updating the Channel rate configuration with or without making any changes.

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