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Manage property-level rate plans within Multi-Property
Manage property-level rate plans within Multi-Property

In this article, we cover how Multi-Property enables you to manage and override values from property-level rate plans.

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Introduction to property-level rate plans

Multi-Property not only manages rate plans across numerous properties in bulk, but also enables you to manage overrides for specific properties, thereby giving you efficient property-level control and allowing you to use Multi-Property as a central hub for your rate management across your property portfolio.

In Multi-Property, you can manage multi-property rate plans and assign any number of properties to them, at which point a rate plan for each of the selected properties will be created automatically. The property-level rate plan can also be set up to either inherit changes from the multi-property rate plan or be managed independently in the property’s channel manager or Multi-Property itself.

A family tree diagram in which a Multi-Property rate plan ('Breakfast included') at the Multi-Property level creates three property rate plans at the Property level, and each are also called 'Breakfast included'. One of the property rate plans pairs with a property room type ('Single room') to make a property room rate ('Single room - Breakfast included').

Create property-level rate plans in bulk

You can create property-level rate plans in bulk by assigning properties’ room types to the multi-property rate plan, which in turn ensures that the rate plan and its room rates are created at the property level. Room rates can also be distributed through your channels and mapped to your integrations*.

*The word 'integration' refers to property management systems (PMS), central reservations systems (CRS), and revenue management systems (RMS).

View details of a property-level rate plan

Property-level rate plans have the same fields as multi-property rate plans. By default, property-level rate plans will inherit their values from the multi-property rate plan they are assigned to. However, these defaults can be overridden with different values if you need to adjust them at the property level.

Follow these steps to view a property-level rate plan.

Step 1: find the property-level rate plan

  1. Go to Multi-Property > Distribution > Rate plans.

  2. In the list of multi-property rate plans, click on the one you want to view.

  3. Go to the Properties tab (not the Properties page at the left column). You will see a list of all the properties assigned to this rate plan — these represent the property-level rate plans.

The 'Properties tab' showing a list of properties such as 'Sydney Hotel', 'Bondi Sydney Hotel', and 'Melbourne Hotel'. The breadcrumb bar says: 'Distribution > Breakfast included'.
  1. Click on an assigned property.

Step 2: navigate through the property-level rate plan’s tabs

You will now see three tabs: Info, Config and Rooms and rates.

  • Info — this shows you any missing integration mappings.

  • Config — this contains the Rate plan details and Rate derivation settings.

  • Rooms and rates — this contains a list of all the room types assigned to this property-level rate plan. Room rates are created automatically when a room type is assigned to a rate plan, so these room types represent the property-level room rates. If there are unmapped rates or overrides at the room rate level, you will see pill-shaped alerts advising you to take action.

Edit a property-level rate plan

Editing a rate plan at the property level might involve overriding the default values that it has inherited from its Multi-Property rate plan, and when a property-level rate plan field is overridden, any changes made to the multi-property rate plan that it has inherited its values from won’t be applied to the overridden fields.

Follow these steps to edit a property-level rate plan.

  1. Access the property-level rate plan.

  2. In the property-level rate plan’s Config tab, click on the Edit button.

  3. In the Rate plan details section, you might see symbols on the setting you want to edit:

    • Crossed chain

      — click on it to override the value and ignore the inherited one from the multi-property rate plan.

    • Chain

      — you can either keep the override by changing the value on the text field, or simply click on the chain if you’d rather revert back to the inherited value from the multi-property rate plan.

  4. Finish editing and click on Save. You will then be redirected to the rate plan’s Config tab and the property-level rate plan you edited will have your changes displayed.

💡 Overrides should be avoided as much as possible; when used excessively, they reduce the efficiency of Multi-Property’s bulk editing.

Delete a property-level rate plan

Multi-Property gives property managers the ability to delete rate plans on specific properties, all they need to do is follow these steps.

  1. Access the property-level rate plan, as explained in the section ‘View details of a property-level rate plan’.

  2. Click on the rate plan’s ellipsis button (...) and select Delete rate plan.

  3. A pop-up window will appear with an option asking this question: Would you like to also delete all associated property rate plans, rates and mapped channel rates in channel manager?

    • If unticked — the property-level rate plan will only be deleted from Multi-Property; nothing will be deleted on the properties’ channel managers.

    • If ticked — the rate plan will be deleted from Multi-Property and on the property, and the associated room rates, channel and integration mapping will also be deleted on the property.

  4. Confirm by clicking on Remove.

⚠️ Note:

  • Deleted property-level rate plans cannot be recovered.

  • If you don’t want to delete a rate plan on the properties’ channel managers, make sure you leave the following option unticked when deleting the property-level rate plan: Would you like to also delete all associated property rate plans, rates and mapped channel rates in channel manager?

  • When a rate plan is deleted from a property, any related room rates on your mapped channels or on your integrations won’t be deleted automatically; you’ll need to delete them manually from these external platforms.

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