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Import property rate plans to Multi-Property
Import property rate plans to Multi-Property

This article explains how to take rate plans created on your properties’ channel managers and import them to Multi-Property.

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Introduction to importing properties’ rate plans

If you have property-level rate plans that are not linked to Multi-Property, you can import them from your properties’ channel managers in minutes.

Technically speaking, importing properties is like assigning properties to a rate plan but in reverse order. The difference between assigning and importing is that:

  • when you assign properties to a multi-property rate plan, the rate plan doesn’t exist in the selected properties — by assigning, you are creating it across all the selected properties’ channel managers in bulk;

  • importing properties to a multi-property rate plan links an existing multi-property rate plan with rate plans that have already been created in your properties.

Importing these rate plans lets you control them from Multi-Property and, by importing all your properties’ rate plans, you will:

  • have a unified view of your rate plans across multiple properties — allowing you to manage your portfolio more efficiently;

  • be able to perform bulk actions across all your properties’ rate plans — saving you countless hours of manual work.

To import rate plans, you need to have:

  1. similar rate plans created in different properties (for example, ‘Standard non-refundable’);

  2. an equivalent multi-property rate plan already created with the same configuration and purpose (for example, ‘Standard non-refundable’).

➕ For example, if you have created a Multi-Property ‘Breakfast Included’ rate plan, make sure you import a ‘Breakfast included’ property-level rate plan rather than a different one such as a ‘Non-refundable’, ‘Single use’, ‘Long stay’, etc.

Import property-level rate plans to Multi-Property

The Import properties page has a list of properties’ rate plans that meet the conditions below:

  • they are NOT linked to the selected multi-property rate plan;

  • they are NOT linked to any multi-property rate plans;

  • they are NOT Little Hotelier-enabled.

To import your properties’ rate plans, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Multi-Property > Distribution > Rate plans.

  2. Locate a rate plan in the list and click on it.

  3. Click on the ellipsis button (...) and select Import properties.

  4. When searching for property-level rate plans to import, only select the property-level rate plans that are equivalent (in name or settings) to the multi-property rate plan.

  5. Once the property-level rate plans have been selected, click on Next.

  6. You will see a list of properties that have not yet been linked to the selected rate plan — select the necessary properties and click on Import.

  7. Once imported, you will see the property-level rate plans on the multi-property rate plan’s Properties tab.

💡 Note:

  • You can also import property-level rate plans from a multi-property rate plan’s Info tab by clicking on Import properties.

  • If you get an error message saying “Property rate plans could not be imported. Please try again later”, something failed during the importing process — possibly due to network issues — and you will need to reattempt importing.

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