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Learn about the SiteMinder mobile app
Learn about the SiteMinder mobile app

Basics of the SiteMinder mobile app — from downloading and installing it, to the functionalities available.

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Important to know:

  • To use the SiteMinder mobile app and its features, you need to have a SiteMinder account with the relevant user permissions.

  • To download and install the mobile app, simply search ‘SiteMinder’ on the App Store or Play Store, or click on these links on your device: iOS device (App Store) or Android device (Play Store).

About the SiteMinder mobile app

With the SiteMinder mobile app, you can access the following from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

  • View your property’s dashboard — a snapshot of your property’s performance and reservation activities.

  • View and update your rates and room availability via an inventory grid.

  • View the overall status of your property (Property status) and a list of your channels (Channel status).

  • Access our help centre or get in touch with our support team via the chat function.

Download and install the SiteMinder mobile app

The SiteMinder mobile app is available for free with the latest versions of iOS and Android on both smartphones and tablets. To download and install it, simply search ‘SiteMinder’ on the App Store or Play Store, or click on these links on your device:

Log in to the SiteMinder mobile app

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, launch it, and log in using the same account details you use to log in to SiteMinder from your desktop.

If you manage more than one property, you will be asked after logging in to select which property you want to view — just select the relevant property and tap Continue. You can also switch properties at any time via the Home tab > Settings, by tapping Switch properties.

Navigate the SiteMinder mobile app

Home (Dashboard)

View your property’s dashboard via the Home tab — a snapshot of your property’s availability, performance and reservation activities.

The Today section shows your property’s Arrivals, Departures, Stays, Cancellations, and New bookings for the present day.

The Availability section shows the total number of rooms your property has available across five days (scroll across the dates to view up to 14 days of availability.)

The Performance section shows Rooms sold and Revenue graphs with sales insights for the seven displayed days compared to the same dates last year. Check up to 14 days of data; present and future dates, not past dates. Scroll left or right to move across the calendar.

  • Rooms sold — the total number of rooms booked per night within seven days.

  • Revenue — the total revenue earned for all your reservations made within seven days. Includes total reservation amounts for paid and unpaid bookings.

  • Channel breakdown — shows the number of bookings per channel based on the date(s) set in the Rooms sold or Revenue graph.

The Average is calculated by comparing data for the dates selected to the same dates compared to last year.


To access Settings, tap the gear icon located at the top left of the Home tab.

Here you can view:

  • Property status — view the overall status of your property.

  • Channel status — view any Channel errors, as well as a list of your Enabled channels, Disabled channels, and channels Awaiting setup. Tap on an alert to view its detailed information and a suggested solution (if applicable).

To log out of the mobile app, in Settings, tap Log out.

Help and support

Access our help centre straight from the mobile app. Search for quick answers to your questions while on the go. Go to Settings (gear icon) > under Help and support, tap Chat support > tap Help.

You can also chat with our support team directly via the mobile app. Go to settings (gear icon) > under Help and support, tap Chat support > tap Send us a message.

See announcements and messages from our support team in Settings > Chat support > Messages.


Manage your rates and availability on the inventory grid via the Distribution tab. The inventory grid shows you five days at a time with access to 736 days of your inventory.

Apply updates to rates, availability and restrictions directly on the inventory grid or use the Bulk edit button to update multiple dates and values at once.

Filter the inventory grid by All rates & availabilities, Manual rates & availabilities, Availabilities only, or by a certain restriction. You can also filter by Room types, Rate plans, or Channels by tapping on each drop-down.

To view details for a specific channel, tap the channel name. You will see the Mapped to channel rate, Rates derived, Rate modification, Currency conversion, as well as any channel errors, if applicable.

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