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Connect to Expedia
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Benefits of connecting to Expedia

Connecting Expedia, one of the world's leading online travel agencies, to your platform is not only quick and easy, but can also open your property up to reservations from around the globe, thereby increasing your occupancy and revenue.

Updates supported by Expedia

The inventory updates that our platform sends to Expedia include the following information.

  • Rates

    • Rates shown on the Inventory page.

    • Extra adult rate — but only when using occupancy-based pricing.

    • Single guest discount — again, only when using occupancy-based pricing.

  • Availability

  • Restrictions

    • Minimum stay

    • Maximum stay

    • Stop sell

    • CTA (closed to arrival)

    • CTD (closed to departure)

💡 Note:

  • Expedia has two pricing models: per-day pricing (PDP) and occupancy-based pricing (OBP).

  • Expedia has a maximum inventory update period of 730 days.

  • If there is no data set on the Inventory page for Maximum stay, your platform will send Expedia the longest Maximum stay it allows: 28 nights.

  • Channels that accept stop sells can also accept your platform’s release period.

Connect to Expedia

💡 You need an Expedia account in order to connect to it. To create one, go to Expedia’s website and set up your property with them before proceeding.

To connect to Expedia, you will need to:

  1. add the channel via our platform;

  2. connect our platform to Expedia via their extranet.

Step 1: add Expedia to your platform

Follow the instructions in the section titled ‘Connect a channel’ in Connect, edit, or disconnect a channel, then select the channel ‘Expedia’, and click on Next…

Step 2: connect Siteminder RDX to Expedia

  1. Click on Log in to Expedia (opens a new window).

  2. Select the property that you want to connect to Expedia.

  3. Take note of the Hotel ID (also called hotel code or property code).

  4. Click on the Rooms and rates tab > Connectivity settings tab.

  5. If another provider is already connected, click on Disconnect.

  6. In Selected provider, click on Edit.

  7. In Provider for updating rates and availability, enter SiteMinder RDX.

  8. In Provider for receiving reservations, enter SiteMinder RDX.

  9. Click on Save and continue.

💡 As this step is performed in Expedia’s extranet, please contact Expedia’s support team for further assistance.

Step 3: follow the Channel Connection Wizard

  1. Enter the Hotel ID you noted during the previous step.

  2. Enter the Reservation Email Address and click on Next…

  3. If necessary, set up Currency conversion, then click on Next…

  4. If necessary, set up a Rate multiplier, then click on Next…

  5. Review the connection and click on Finish.

Step 4: ensure you have rooms and rates created on Expedia’s extranet

Before you start mapping, ensure that you have rooms and rates created in Expedia’s extranet, and that their configurations match those in our platform.

Step 5: map your rates to Expedia

Now that Expedia has been added to the platform and there are rates created in their extranet, you can map your room rates to the channel.

Step 6: check your inventory and enable Expedia

Once the mapping is complete, follow these steps:

  • Check that your inventory’s information is correct.

  • Enable Expedia to start sending updates.

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