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Edit email template code in Direct booking
Edit email template code in Direct booking
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💡 Important to know:

  • To customise your guest e-mails, go to Direct booking > Configuration > Guest communications.

  • This Code editing feature requires web development experience (HTML) and is best for advanced users.

The Code editing feature gives advanced users the option to customise the formatting and content of guest e-mail templates using HTML and the Liquid template language. Liquid is used to add dynamic data and logic (“mail merge” functionality) to your template.

💡 See what dynamic data variables can be added to your template with our guide on Liquid Available Objects.

Enable code editing

  1. Go to Direct booking > Configuration > Guest communications.

  2. Open the template you want to edit and scroll to the bottom of the panel.

  3. Locate the toggle labelled Code editing. Click on the toggle to turn it on.

  4. Read the pop-up warning and click on Confirm if you’re happy to accept the risks.

💡 If you see a text box containing some code instead of a toggle, the Code editing feature is already enabled for this template.

Edit the code

To edit the code, use these four buttons to save and manage your changes:

  • Discard draft: erases all changes saved to draft and reverts the code back to the current published template.

  • Reset to default template: erases all changes saved to draft and all changes published to the current template. This turns off the Code editing feature.

  • Save draft: saves your code within the text area to a draft. The draft copy can be previewed for testing your code.

  • Publish template: publishes your code to become the official template for sending e-mails to guests per direct.

💡 Make sure to preview your draft before publishing it.

Preview your draft

Before publishing your edited code, check that your changes are working as intended with the preview function.

  1. Save your draft.

  2. Click on Show preview to inspect your template.

  3. To compare your draft to the current published template, switch to a preview of the published template by turning on the Show published toggle.

Publish and test your template

Once you are happy with your edits, go ahead and publish. Changes are applied immediately to all new e-mails sent using the template.

  1. Click on Publish template.

  2. Test your template out on a range of e-mail platforms and devices to check formatting.

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