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Modify a direct booking reservation
Modify a direct booking reservation
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Important to note:

  • You can only modify certain details for your Direct booking reservations.

  • Reservations made through your connected channels have to be modified directly via the channel. Contact your channels’ support teams for further guidance.

  • To modify a reservation, go to your Reservations page.

Limitations on modifying a reservation

Occasionally, you might find that some direct booking reservations cannot be modified. This may be due to the reservation type or the detail you are trying to change. There are some limitations regarding the details and reservation types that can be modified.

In these cases, the Modify reservation option will appear greyed-out when trying to select it on the reservation’s ellipsis button (...).

The whole reservation cannot be modified if it has:

  • a check-in date in the past, or if it has been booked on the same day a guest is going to check in;

  • a suspended or deleted room rate;

  • an associated extra that cannot be modified;

  • multiple room types.

Reservation details that cannot be modified:

  • the original room rate booked;

  • the main guest name;

  • anything that conflicts with the included occupancy and release period set on the room rate level;

  • anything that conflicts with the room rate, availability, and restrictions set on your inventory: minimum stay, maximum stay, stop sell, close to arrival (CTA), or close to departure (CTD).

Modify a direct booking reservation

You can edit the below details within a Direct booking reservation:

  • General information — you can modify all options under the General section (including Check-in, Check-out and Arrival time ).

  • Guest details — you can modify all options under the Guest details section, except for the Main guest's name.

  • Payment summary — If you are an admin user, you can edit credit card details.

  • Notes and preferences — click on the text box under Notes to add comments, so you remember any requests made by your guest.

Notes are visible to the guest in the confirmation e-mails.

To modify the above details for a Direct booking reservation, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Reservations page.

  2. Find and open the direct booking reservation you want to modify.

  3. Click on the ellipsis button (...) and click Modify reservation.

  4. Change or update any of the fields explained above and click on Save. Once you have saved the changes, the reservation will be marked as modified and a modification e-mail will be automatically sent to the guest.

You will receive an error message if you are attempting to change the check-in or check-out date to a date that has:

  • No availability.

  • A stop sell applied.

  • A closed to arrival (CTA) or closed to departure (CTD) applied.

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