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💡 Important to know:

  • To create a promotion code, go to Direct booking > Promotion codes > click on Add promotion code.

  • Promotion codes are only applicable to your booking engine.

Introduction to promotion codes

Promotion codes — also known as promo codes — are exclusive discounts that can help attract more direct bookings.

Promo codes make guests feel rewarded, and satisfied customers are more likely to return, as well as leave good reviews. Your guests will appreciate the exclusive discount on their reservation and your property will benefit from attracting more direct bookings — a win-win situation!

As long as you have created at least one promotion code, a promo code field will appear on your direct booking engine, where your potential guests can enter the promo code to receive the discount.

When guests enter the promo code in your booking engine, they will be able to see and book the certain room types and room rates assigned to the promotion code.

💡 Note:

  • You can restrict promotion codes so that they are only available during certain sell dates and stay dates.

  • You can create an exclusive rate that will only show on your booking engine when a guest enters the assigned promo code. To do this, enable the direct booking rate’s Restrict rate toggle and assign the promotion code to the direct booking rate.

  • Promotion codes do not have a limit of how many times they can be used. They can be used multiple times by the same guest, as long as the promotion code is active.

Benefits of using promo codes

Promo codes are a great way to promote your property and its offerings, and can help increase your direct bookings by attracting both new customers and loyal customers.

They are exclusive

Create a discounted rate and assign it to a promo code, then distribute the promo code to select customers. This allows you to control and limit availability of certain discounts, and gives guests an exclusive rate as the rate will only be available if the promo code is entered.

💡 To configure a rate to only show when a promo code is entered, enable the direct booking rate’s Restrict rate toggle and assign the promotion code to the direct booking rate.

They make guests feel special

Promotion codes can make potential guests feel like they are being gifted with an exclusive offer.

They create a sense of urgency to book

Potential guests will be encouraged to take immediate action so that they don't miss out on a discount if they know it is on offer for a limited time only. For example, you could have promo codes for limited time discounts for events such as Valentine's Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Summer, and so on.

They can help with last-minute sales

To help sell your remaining available room at the last minute, advertising a promo code can help encourage last-minute bookings.

💡 To do this, you can restrict the promo code to certain stay dates.

They can help retain customers

Promotion codes can help give customers a reason to come back. Loyalty promotion codes can encourage guests who have stayed with you before to come back and stay again.

Ways to advertise your promo codes

Once you have created a promo code in our platform, you then need to distribute it!

Here are some ways that you could distribute and advertise your promo codes:

  • Include a promo code in your post-stay e-mails. Give your guests a promo code they can use to stay again in future, or that they can give to a friend.

  • Send the promo code by e-mail to your list of subscribers or past guests.

  • Advertise your promo code on your direct website, as well as on your social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to attract new customers and widen your reach.

  • Share the promo code through online advertisements, in your newsletter, newspapers, television, radio, etc.

  • Create promo codes as part of a campaign for a specific day such as Black Friday or Valentine’s day, or for a festive or end of season sale.

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