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View and update your account settings via My account
View and update your account settings via My account
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Important to know:

View and edit your account details and preferences, such as language, phone number, e-mail notifications, and verification method.

Your account gives you access to your SiteMinder platform while it allows you to set details and preferences that affect how you use your SiteMinder platform and the notifications you get via e-mail.

To view or update your account settings, go to your profile icon > My account > Edit button. You can apply changes to the following settings:

User details

On the User details section, you can apply changes to the fields below:

  • First name — your first name. We recommend not using anything general, like a department name, as accounts should belong to a single person.

  • Last name — your last name.

  • Preferred language — the language displayed in your SiteMinder platform.

  • Phone number — your direct phone line.

About your account e-mail address:

  • Your account E-mail address field cannot be edited. If you need to edit the e-mail, a new user account will need to be created with the correct e-mail address instead.

  • Reset password links and e-mail notifications are sent to your account e-mail address.

Distribution E-mail notifications

When you enable E-mail notifications, your SiteMinder platform sends you e-mail alerts about issues affecting your property’s Distribution that require urgent action.

Distribution E-mail notifications examples:

  • Reservations from unmapped channel rates — caused by lack of mapping. You will need to map the unmapped channel rates and manually update your inventory.

  • Disabled channel rates — caused by a configuration error. You will need to check the error message sent in the e-mail, fix the disablement reason, and manually enable the channel rate.

Reset multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Switch your multi-factor authentication (MFA) authentication method by resetting your MFA. To reset MFA, go to your profile icon > My account, and click on the Reset button. You will need access to your current method to do one last verification before choosing a new method.

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