Manage your rate plans

Create, view and manage your rate plans.

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To create and manage rate plans, go to Rooms and rates > Rate plans — this is the central place to manage your rate plans. Here you can view all the rate plans, room rates, and channel rates you have created. This is where you will assign room types to rate plans, to create room rates.

To view the room rates assigned to a rate plan, click on the rate plan’s down arrow button (⌄). Then, click on the room rate’s down arrow button (⌄) to see its channel rates (that is, the room rates mapped to your channels).

Filter your rate plans

Use the filters to help you sort your rate plan(s). Quickly search for a specific rate plan by selecting one or multiple in the Rate plans drop-down, or view rate plans associated with a specific room type by selecting one or multiple in the Room types drop-down.

To see rate plans mapped to a specific channel, click on the More filters button, then select a channel from the Channels drop-down.

You can change the order of which your rate plans will appear in both the Rate plans tab and Inventory grid. To do this, go to Rooms and rates > Rate plans tab, click on the Reorder button, and drag and drop rate plans to change the order.

View rate plan details

View and compare your rate plans’ availability, restrictions, and inclusions at a glance by switching from the Default view to the Extended view.

Click on the Information button (i) next to the Default view to the Extended view buttons to see the Legend menu —in other words, to see explanations of what the icons in the rate table represent.

In the Default view you will see the following details about your rate plans (and their room rates):

  • Currency and currency conversion (if rate plan currency conversion is enabled).

  • If the rate is derived — a chain icon will show if the rate is being derived from another rate. The name of the rate the price is being derived from will show, along with the amount or percentage that is being added or subtracted .

  • Derived rate override — if an override is applied to a derived rate, a calendar icon will show.

  • Rate multiplier — an arrows icon will show if enabled.

Click on the Extended view button to see more details about your rate plans and room rates, such as Occupancy and restrictions, Pricing details, and Extra rates/discounts.

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