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Rooms and rates
Learn about our platform’s Rooms and rates
Learn about our platform’s Rooms and rates
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Important to know:

  • To set up and manage a room type, rate plan, room rate, or channel room rate, go to Rooms and rates.

  • Room rates are the result of assigning a rate plan to a room type. Once the room rate is created, you can map the room rate to a channel, which will create a ‘channel room rate’ that can be managed in your Room types mapping tab.

Our platform makes it easy to manage your room types and rate plans, and how they are being sold across your connected channels. This article explains how our platform’s Rooms and rates work.

There are four key components of our platform’s inventory model: room types, rate plans, room rates, and channel room rates.

Room types

A room type is a category of rooms that are categorised based on various factors, such as the type of room (standard or deluxe), the number of occupants allowed, the type of bed, the views from the room, and so on.

For example, here are some common room types:

  • Single room

  • Double room

  • Family room

  • Accessible room

  • Studio

  • Apartment

Rate plans

Rate plans are a way to sell room types in different ways to help to attract more travellers to your property and increase potential reservations.

Rate plans are based on different restrictions and pricing. For example, here are some common rate plans:

  • Standard / Best available rate

  • Non-refundable

  • Breakfast included

  • Minimum length-of-stay

  • Minimum advance purchase

  • Early bird (release period)

You can derive a daily rate for a rate plan from another rate plan — for example, you can derive the Breakfast included rate plan from the daily rate of the Standard rate plan, with a derivation of an additional $20 for the Breakfast included rate plan.

Room rates

Room rates are the result of assigning a rate plan to a room type. Create a rate plan, then assign it to a room type to configure the pricing and restrictions — this will create the ‘room rate’.

A room rate is specific to a room type. For example, when you assign the ‘Breakfast included’ rate plan to the ‘Double room’ room type, this will create a unique ‘room rate’.

Room rates inherit the occupancy settings of the room type, plus the rate settings, restrictions, and inclusions of the rate plan. These settings can be managed (overrided) for an individual room rate, if required.

Channel room rates

A channel room rate is the result of mapping a room rate to a connected channel. A channel room rate represents the mapped room rate connection from our platform to your connected channels.

To manage your channel room rates:

  1. Go to Distribution > My channels.

  2. Find the channel.

  3. Click on the ellipsis button (...).

  4. Click on Edit room rates mapping — this will take you to the channel’s Room rates mapping tab.

The Room rates mapping tab for each connected channel is the central place to manage your mapping and channel rate configuration.


You will also see your mapped channel room rates via Distribution > Inventory if you click on the channel down arrow button.

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