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How can I show offers to guests staying only on certain dates?
How can I show offers to guests staying only on certain dates?

Read up here on how to show offers based on a date range.

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Valentine's Day, school holidays, Christmas; the list of occasions over the course of the year goes on and on.

Clever hotels will take advantage of this, and have offers related to these events, holidays, or other periods of time.

The most important thing to do is ensure that only guests staying with you during those times are able to see those offers!

Hotel Tarkus has a Valentine's Day offer

It's a great offer! Sure to be a hit with their guests. Let's have a look at the details:

What a fantastic offer. Did you notice that "Select date" was not one of the offer questions? That's because we are going to make the offer visible only to guests staying on Valentine's Day.

Controlling offer visibility

By default, when you create an offer, it is visible all the time. If you need to restrict when an offer is visible, it can be done in the Advanced tab:

There, you will see two fields - Offer active from and Offer active to:

In our case, we will make the date range February 14 to February 14, meaning that a guest will only see this offer if they will be staying with us on that date (at least).

Getting your offer seen in pre-stay emails

There is one more step we need to complete. So that guests staying with us on February 14th are more likely to see the offer, it's a good idea to move it to the top of the list of offers:

Simply click and drag the offer to the top of the list (or at least in the top three offers). That way, it will be one of the feature offers in pre-stay emails sent to guests staying at the hotel on Valentine's Day!

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