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How can I improve my upsell email click rate?
How can I improve my upsell email click rate?

The best tips on ensuring the best possible performance of your upsell email

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Improving your upsell email click rate is a critical activity, but not a difficult one.

We've compiled a list of all the things you can avoid or change in order to get the click rate to be as high as possible.

❌ Email content too long

How much text do you have in your upsell email?

If you have too much content, guests will simply not engage. Having too much content is a negative especially when guests are reading your email on their mobile devices.

The whole purpose of your upsell email is to show the guest attractive offers that they will want to click on.

With that in mind, we strongly advise to keep your upsell email content short and to the point, so that it is easier for your guest to engage 🙂

❌ Email not sent at a good time

Have you considered what time you're sending the email?

It's likely that you will have more success by sending your email in the early evening; the theory being that (most) guests are home from work and have time to engage.

If you send your email during the day, many guests will likely be working, with little or no time to look at your email, resulting in your upsell opportunity being missed.

Change the sending time of your email under the Sending rules tab:

❌ Showing the wrong offers to guests

Are you showing your breakfast offer to guests who took a rate that included breakfast?

Or maybe a family offer to a solo traveller?

Maybe it's time to review the Segmentation options you have for your offers. Remember that an offer will be visible to all guests, unless you add some segmentation options to it (where appropriate).

More on segmentation can be found here.

❌ Your offers are a little bland

Perhaps you haven't changed your offers in a while? Maybe your current offers could be more enticing?

Words and images matter a lot!

Adding a touch of personality, fun, or just improving the wording of your offers can help connect more effectively with guests; as can using more lively images.

Take a look at some common offers that could be more appealing:

The same 3 offers after changing the wording and images:

Simple as that. In this case, by using imgages that feature people, you're more likely to make an emotional connection with your guest. Plus, the simple wording changes inject a bit of personality.

👉 Need a source of good quality, free 🖼 stock images? Here are our favourites:

❌ Not featuring limited-time offers in emails

Many upsell opportunities exist all year round, but never forget the offers related to limited times. Such examples include:

  • Christmas/holiday season

  • New year

  • The seasons

  • School holidays

  • Valentine's Day

  • Local events - sporting, cultural, traditional

  • Set menu that changes monthly

  • ...and more!

It makes sense to capitalise on these various situations and let your guest customise their stay based on the time they are staying with you.

Set the valid dates for your offer in the Advanced tab:

And finally, make sure you bring these limited-time offers to the top of your offer list:

This ensures that guests who will be staying with you when they are valid will actually see them featured in your upsell email!

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