Setting up and managing upsells

Learn the basic steps on building offers, choosing questions, personalisation and segmentation for guests.

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Learn the basic steps to adding offer descriptions, pictures and prices, choosing questions to ask guests in order to cater to their unique needs, how to make your offers personalised and targeted to the right guest and how to receive email notifications when a guest orders something.

Action items 🔧

➡️ Build your offers by choosing from our offer templates or add your own

➡️ Add questions you need to ask the guest in order to fulfil the order

➡️ Control your offer visibility via segmentation

➡️ Configure the extra functionality available in the ‘Concierge’

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Concierge Page Overview

Offers and Room Upgrades

Deciding on an upsell workflow

Top tips 💡

✔️ When a guest receives your upsell email, room upgrade offers will always be shown first, followed by your regular offers.

✔️ Guests will see your regular offers based on the order you have put them in.

✔️ Put offers that are more likely to convert or date-limited offers at the top.

✔️ We recommend having a minimum of four offers. The ideal number of offers would be between 8 and 12 offers.

✔️ Apply segmentation to tailor room upgrades and add-ons to different types of guests.

✔️ Tweak offer names, descriptions and featured images and remove the underperforming ones to improve your conversion rate.

✔️ Survey guests to get first-hand information about their preferences or analyse your data to figure out which offer works best for your guests.

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