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Setting up offers: The essentials
Setting up offers: The essentials

This article explains Offers, a critical upselling tool.

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💡 Important to know

  • Offers are displayed in your property’s Concierge.

  • To add a new offer, go to Upsell > Offers, and in the top right corner, click on the Add button.

  • To preview your Concierge, go to Upsell > Open concierge.

This article explains Offers, a critical upselling tool.

Offers: introduction

Effective upselling is essential in maximising your revenue from guests, and this is where Offers can help.

Offers encourage guests to purchase upgrades, add-on products, services, etc. And if done correctly, they can boost not only your revenue but your guest’s experience, too — a win/win outcome for all involved.

When creating an Offer, consider the following:

  • Express yourself — convey your property’s personality to create an emotional connection with your guest.

  • Sell the experience — focus on the experience that the offer provides, rather the product itself.

  • Know your audience — think about who the guest is, why they are staying at your property, and what offer might appeal to them.

Offers: overview

💡 To create an offer, go to Upsell > Offers > Add.

Each Offer consists of the following:

  • Name — the offer’s title. Make it interesting to try and get your guests’ attention.

  • Description — important info about the offer (which should be short and snappy).

  • Image — an image portraying the offer. We recommend using one of a high quality.

  • Price — the cost of the offer, in addition to a separate price for children where applicable (for example, restaurant offers).

  • Questions — the questions the guest needs to answer to receive the offer.

  • Order button text — the text on the button used to order the offer, such as Order now, Place order, Enquire here, Send inquiry, etc.

Offer Description

Your offer’s Description can make a big difference to its success. If you provide minimal information, especially about its benefits, it may not convince guests to purchase it; but if you add too much, your guests may not bother to read it at all.

Keep it simple: clearly and concisely describe the benefits of the upgrade, product, or service you are offering, and let the strength of the offer take care of the rest.

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