Advanced offer settings

This article explains how to configure an offer’s Advanced settings.

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💡 Important to know

  • Offers are displayed in your property’s Concierge.

  • To add a new offer, in Upsell > Offers, in the top right corner click the Add button.

  • To configure an offer’s Advanced settings, go to Upsell > Offers > Add/Edit offer > Advanced tab.

Advanced offer settings

💡 To configure Advanced offer settings, go to Upsell > Offers or Room upgrades, then click Edit on the relevant offer/room upgrade and go to the Advanced tab.

Order email notifications

When a guest places an order, your property will be notified by email. To set the email address you want the email to be sent to on a per offer basis, go to Upsell > Offers > click Edit on the relevant offer > Advanced tab > enter in the relevant email address in Which email address(es) should be notified when a guest orders this?

⚠️ If you don’t specify an email address, by default order request emails will be sent to the address listed in Settings > Emails > Notifications > Offer confirmations (if this setting is empty, we default to sending the emails to the main hotel email address listed on the same page).

If there is no need for your staff to be notified, tick the box Disable emails to the property.

Confirm order automatically

If the offer should be confirmed automatically after purchase, tick the box Confirm automatically. (For example, this can be set for room upgrades which are based on your availability, therefore no need for a staff member to manually confirm).

Direct a guest to a website after they place an order

When a guest clicks the Order button, they can then continue browsing your Concierge, or alternatively you can send them to an external website; perhaps a spa treatment booking page or a website for a suggested restaurant or activity — that is related to their chosen Offer.

Set the Redirect URL by going to Upsell > Offers > Advanced, then under Send the guest to the following website after they place an order, type in the URL of your choice. If you leave this field blank, the guest will be able to continue browsing your property’s Guest directory.

Offer confirmation emails

To configure confirmation emails, in the Advanced tab > Confirmation emails for this offer, you can Edit the following:

  • Order requested email

  • Order confirmed email

  • Order cancelled email

To disable offer confirmation emails to the guest, in the Advanced tab, tick the box Disable emails to the guest.

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