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Set up and manage Channels Plus
Set up and manage Channels Plus

Learn how to set up and manage Channels Plus, including how to activate rate plans and room rates, and connect to and manage channels.

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Important to know:

  • To set up and manage Channels Plus, go to Distribution > Channels Plus.

  • With Channels Plus, save time by managing all your inventory and content from one place in your SiteMinder platform; you no longer have to update every channel you connect to.

Get started with Channels Plus

With Channels Plus, you will have one place to easily set up and connect to multiple channels. Save time by managing all your inventory and content from one place in your SiteMinder platform. There are no lock-in contracts to a channel, and you will only pay SiteMinder for commission on completed stays.

To get started, go to Distribution > Channels Plus > click Get started. During the activation process, you will be able to check your property details and settings, before activating Channels Plus.


Most of the configuration for Channels Plus will come from the details you have already set up in your SiteMinder platform.

Certain Property settings from your platform will be synced and sent to the channels you connect to in Channels Plus:

  • Property details — including your property address and contact details.

  • General information — including base currency and language.

  • Services — your property description and features such as facilities and parking.

  • Policies — your check-in and check-out times.

  • Accepted cards — the payment methods you accept for reservations made via Channels Plus. Payment surcharges are not supported by Channels Plus.

  • Media library —images for your property and room types.

Rooms and rates will be synced (when rates are activated):

  • Room type content — room type information including room type name, description, features and amenities. Assign images to each room type to highlight the room’s unique features and show guests what they can expect.

  • Rate plan and room rate configuration — including occupancy, rates, availability, and restrictions.

Once Channels Plus is activated, if you update any of these details in your SiteMinder platform, the updates will automatically sync to Channels Plus.

Complete Channels Plus Setup

There are a few extra settings that are specific for Channels Plus. To set these up, go to Distribution > Channels Plus > Setup tab.

Property settings:

  • Assign a Property type. This will categorise your property on the channels you connect to.

  • Add the e-mail address where reservation confirmations and payment details will be sent to in the Reservation e-mail address field.

Cancellation policy (rate plan cancellation periods)

The cancellation period is specific to reservations made on channels you are connected to on Channels Plus.

Assign a Cancellation period to each rate plan to let your guests know if and when they can cancel their reservation without a cancellation fee:

  • 1 day, up to 14 days

  • Non refundable

If guests cancel within the period, a cancellation penalty of the full reservation amount will apply.

Taxes and fees

  • Taxes — add any taxes that apply to your property, as required by local tax regulations.

  • Fees — add fees to ensure your guests are aware of any additional fees that they may be applicable to their booking. For example, a housekeeping fee.


Add the details of any licences required to operate your property.

Activate rate plans and room rates

Select and activate the rate plans and room rates that you want to send to your channels on Channels Plus. There is no need to map rate plans separately like you would do if using the Channel Manager.

In Channels Plus, go to the Room rates tab. Select all the rate plans and room rates you want to activate on Channels Plus, then click the Activate rates button.

You have full control to activate or deactivate rates at any time.

Active rates will be sent to all the channels you are connected to in Channels Plus.

Connect to channels on Channels Plus

Easily connect to and manage channels on Channels Plus.

In Channels Plus, go to the Channels tab. Simply click on the toggle for each channel you want to connect to. If you no longer wish to list your property on a channel, simply turn off the toggle at any time.

Once a channel is connected in Channels Plus, a property listing will be automatically created on the channel using the details and configuration in your SiteMinder platform.

When you activate Channels Plus, you will be automatically connected to all channels. You will also be automatically connected to new channels as they are made available on Channels Plus. You have the control to enable or disable a channel at any time with a single click.

Special offers

Offer competitive rates to your guests by accepting deals and campaigns sent from channels you are connected to on Channels Plus.

Special offers give guests certain discounts for specific booking dates and stay dates, while giving you a reduced commission rate.

To view, review and approve special offers, go to Channels Plus > Special offers tab. Filter the deals by status: All, New, Active, Inactive.

To accept an offer, click on the deal name, review the details, then click the Accept button.

View your property’s performance on Channels Plus

See a snapshot of your property’s performance on Channels Plus for the past 12 months in the Dashboard tab. View the following data:

  • Total booking amount

  • Net booking amount

  • Total completed Reservations

  • Number of active channels

  • Number of active room rates

  • Commission rate

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