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Channels Plus: frequently asked questions
Channels Plus: frequently asked questions

Channels Plus is one connection to set up, manage and connect to multiple channels. Frequently asked questions about Channels Plus.

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Important to know:

  • To set up and manage Channels Plus, go to Distribution > Channels Plus.

What is Channels Plus?

Channels Plus is one connection that allows you to easily set up, manage and connect to multiple high-value channels in a few clicks. Reach a wider range of travellers, without the additional admin effort of managing multiple channels.

With Channels Plus, your inventory (rates, availability and restrictions) for multiple channels is managed in the one place in your SiteMinder platform.

There are no lock-in contracts to a channel on Channels Plus. You can adjust your inventory and channels to suit your property.

You will only pay SitMinder commission for completed stays. No need to pay multiple invoices to each channel separately.

Interested in signing up to Channels Plus? Register here for early access.

How is Channels Plus different from the Channel Manager?

If you are connecting to a channel via Channel Manager, you would first need to create an account directly with the channel and then set up your rooms and rates in both your SiteMinder platform and in the channel’s extranet. You would then need to map the matching room rates together. In addition, most channels require you to set up your content and media on the channel directly.

With Channels Plus, you need only configure your rooms and rates in SiteMinder, then select which room rates you want to make available. Toggle on or off a channel with one click. You don’t need an account with each channel, and you don’t need to log into each channel’s extranet directly. A listing will be automatically created on the channel from the details in your SiteMinder platform, saving you time and helping to streamline your property configuration on multiple channels.

What channels can I connect to?

To see which channels are available on Channels Plus, click here.

Once Channels Plus is activated, you will see the complete list of channels supported by Channels Plus in Distribution > Channels Plus > Channels tab.

If a new channel is added to Channels Plus, will I be automatically connected?

You will be automatically connected to new channels as they are made available on Channels Plus. You have the control to enable or disable a channel at any time with a single click.

Can I connect to a channel directly as well as through Channels Plus?

You can connect to a channel via Channels Plus, even if you also have a direct agreement with the channel. The channel will deliver the reservation back to your platform through the relevant connection.

Note that if you are connected to a channel both ways, some channels may prevent your property listing from appearing twice in their search results. The channel might either block your Channels Plus property listing, or only show the listing with the best rates.

How much does Channels Plus cost?

You will only pay SiteMinder a commission fee for each completed reservation made through Channels Plus (a commission fee will also apply to cancelled reservations where a cancellation fee was taken). The commission fee is based on the net reservation amount (the total reservation amount excluding taxes). There is no set up fee.

The commission rate will display when you sign up to Channels Plus, and once activated, will display in the Performance tab.

How will I receive my Channels Plus invoice?

You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month directly from SiteMinder. Pay the invoice manually or set up automatic payments in your Billing portal.

If you have Demand Plus, the invoice for Channels Plus will be combined on the same invoice as Demand Plus, using the same payment method.

How do I take payments for reservations made via Channels Plus?

You can process payments for reservations made via Channels Plus once the reservation becomes non-refundable, using the payment card details the guest provided at booking. You must process the reservation payment within two days of the check-out date.

You can view the reservation’s payment card details in your SiteMinder platform via the Reservations page. For security reasons, the CVV/CVC is not stored in the SiteMinder platform and will be sent via e-mail in a PDF attachment.

If you are using SiteMinder Pay, you can choose to send the guest a payment request.

Channels Plus does not support scheduled Automated payments, Deposits, or card surcharges.

What if a Channels Plus reservation is cancelled?

If the Channels Plus reservation was cancelled by the guest, or cancelled by you (for example, for no-shows) within the cancellation period, if you did not take the applicable cancellation fee, you must reconcile the reservation. Reconciling reservations will ensure you are not charged commission for these reservations.

You must run the reconciliation report before the 7th of each month for the previous month’s reservations. After this, no changes to the previous month’s reservations will be possible.

What if a Channels Plus reservation is modified?

If a Channels Plus reservation is modified and the total reservation amount changes, you must submit a commission adjustment request before the 7th of each month to ensure commission is correctly calculated from the new total reservation amount.

If you have submitted a commission adjustment request and want to check the status , go to Distribution > Channels Plus > Reconciliation, or find the reservation via the Reservations page, where you can view the Commission adjustment section in the reservation’s details.

How do I set up taxes and fees to ensure correct rates are sent to channels?

In Distribution > Channels Plus > Taxes and Fees page, configure the taxes and fees that apply to your property.

To ensure the correct rates are sent to channels, you need to specify whether your rates are inclusive or exclusive of taxes and fees. To do this, go to Channels Plus > Taxes and Fees page and enable/disable the toggle Rates are inclusive of taxes and fees listed below.

  • Rates are inclusive of taxes and fees — if taxes and fees are already included in your rates, enable the toggle Rates are inclusive of taxes and fees listed below. For example, if your rate of 100 includes taxes and fees, the rate of 100 will be sent as the sell rate to the channel.

  • Rates are exclusive of taxes and fees — if taxes and fees are not included in your rates, disable the toggle Rates are inclusive of taxes and fees listed below. Taxes and fees will be added on top of your rates sent to channels. For example, if you have a rate of 100, and the tax configured is 10%, the sell rate will be sent to the channel as 110.

Can I see how my property is performing on Channels Plus?

To see a snapshot of your property’s performance results on Channels Plus for the past 12 months, including your total and net booking amount and the number of reservations you have received, go to Distribution > Channels Plus > Performance. Here you will also see how many channels and room rates are currently connected.

What are special offers?

Special offers are deals and campaigns sent from Channels Plus channels that can help to increase bookings by ensuring your rates are competitive. Special offers give guests certain discounts for specific booking dates and stay dates, while giving you a reduced commission rate.

To view, review and approve special offers, go to Distribution > Channels Plus > Special offers tab.

I connected to a channel on Channels Plus, but I am not receiving any reservations — why could that be?

If you have a channel connected in Channels Plus, but have not been receiving reservations:

  • Check that you are connected to the channel in Channels Plus > Channels tab.

  • Make sure you have activated room rates in Channels Plus > Room rates tab.

  • Make sure your room rates are competitive and you have optimised your property and room type details (including photos) to attract travellers.

If you have checked the above, other potential reasons could be because:

  • the channel does not have an active presence in your region;

  • your property type does not fit the channel’s requirements to be listed on the channel (for example, if you have connected to a channel that sells hostels only, but your property type is a hotel).

Can I contact a channel directly?

If you need to contact a channel that you are connected to through Channels Plus, go to Distribution > Channels Plus > Channels tab where you will see a phone number and e-mail address for each channel.

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