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August 2022 Release Notes
August 2022 Release Notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder Platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Distribution: new channel and PMS integrations

  • New channel integrations:

    • Asian Trails Ltd.

    • BnBerry

    • Bookolo

    • Lean PMS (ARI only)

  • New pmsXchange integrations:

    • LuxuryRes

Distribution: channel and PMS updates

  • Updates for SiteConnect partners:

    • Djoca Travel (Koedia) — certified for Maximum stay

    • Mitchell Corp Wholesale and Ezibed — certified Minimum length of say

    • tripmakery — certified for MaxStay

    • FastPayHotels — decommissioned

  • Updates for pmsXchange partners:

    • Guesty — fixed issue with Stop Sell

    • Resalys — fixed incorrect MLOS Message

    • Indra (Minsait) — integrated to PCI Proxy Tokenisation

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