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November 2023 release notes
November 2023 release notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Distribution: new connections

New channel connections:

  • HousingAnywhere

  • RocketStay

New central reservation system (CRS) connection:

  • GauVendi CRS

New property management system (PMS) connection:

  • GHOT (Hoteles Globales PMS)

New Hotel App store connection:

  • Infinito Vertical Intelligence

Updated connections, new functionality:

  • GoldenUp: now enabled for SCA/3DS

  • ibelsa.rooms: now supports Tokenisation (PCI Proxy)

  • Lifestyle Holidays: min stay and max stay now available

  • Our World: min stay and max stay now available

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