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November 2022 Release Notes
November 2022 Release Notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Payments: Self-Service Billing launched

You can now access and manage your billing in one place thanks to Self-Service Billing, a new feature in the SiteMinder platform that enables you to view your past and upcoming payments, invoices and adjustments; make manual or automatic payments; and manage your billing users.

Learn more about Billing.

Booking Engine: add your privacy policy to your Terms and conditions

Following a new update, we recommend adding a privacy policy to your Terms and conditions that discloses how you gather, manage, and use your customers’ data. Once added, customers will be able to see the full privacy policy in your Terms and Conditions, and a link to it will be included in the cookie policy on your Direct Booking.

Distribution: cancellation terms and policies added to confirmation letters

To help you understand how much to charge your guests and when, the cancellation policy and other relevant policy-related information have been added to the confirmation letters for any reservations received via and Channel Manager.

Distribution: Airbnb security deposit field removed

Airbnb no longer has a security deposit field — guests are simply informed that their payment method may be charged if they cause damage during their stay — so we have removed the security deposit field.

Direct Booking: new ability to add custom translations to your content

Following a new update, you can now add custom translations for selected additional languages on your property’s Direct Booking so guests can read your content in their local language.

Distribution: new integrations

New channel integrations:

  • iHotelier


New PMS integrations:

  • Sihot

  • Choice

  • Ideas

New SiteConnect channel integrations:

  • Bonotel

  • Nomolesten

  • Tourbobo

New SMX Apps partner:

  • 4WiFi

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