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Set up and manage restrictions via the inventory grid
Set up and manage restrictions via the inventory grid

Manage restrictions (stop sell, min and max length of stay, closed to arrival; CTA, closed to departure; CTD) via the inventory grid.

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Important to know:

  • If you have a property management system (PMS), central reservations system (CRS), or revenue management system (RMS), make all inventory updates in your PMS/RMS/CRS. Do not make any manual updates in your SiteMinder platform.

  • If a channel (OTA) does not support certain inventory updates, you will need to set up and manage those inventory updates directly in the channel’s extranet. For example, if the channel does not support receiving CTA or CTD restrictions, you will need to set up any CTA or CTD restrictions directly on the channel’s extranet.

Set up and manage restrictions

Restrictions give you control over how and when your rooms and rates are sold across your connected channels (OTAs).

Restrictions include:

  • stop sell

  • minimum length of stay (MinLOS) — the minimum number of nights a guest must book

  • maximum length of stay (MaxLOS) — the maximum number of nights a guest can book

  • closed to arrival (CTA) — no check-ins are allowed on that day

  • closed to departure (CTD) no check-outs are allowed on that day.

To set up and manage your restrictions via the inventory grid, go to Distribution > Inventory.

You can set up or change a restriction for a specific date — simply update each cell individually in the inventory grid. To make changes in bulk, you can either use the Bulk update button or the lightning button.

To view your restrictions (stop sell, min stay, max stay, and CTA/CTD) for a specific channel rate in the inventory grid, find the room rate, then click on the down arrow [x channel v) to expand associated channel rates. Toggle between rates, stop sell, CTA, CTD, min stay, and max stay to view or update restrictions for the channel rate.

💡You can also set up minimum length of stay and maximum length of stay when creating or editing a rate plan or room rate, if the restriction is standard and applies all the time (not just during specific date periods).

Stop sell specific channels

You can close availability for the whole room type, or just close availability for specific channels.

  1. Go to Distribution > Inventory.

  2. Click on a room rate’s down arrow to see the linked channel rates.

  3. Click on the Rates down arrow and select Stop sell.

  4. Tick all dates for the stop sell to apply. Use the Copy tool if needed.

  5. Click Save.

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