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Export/Import room type default configuration in Multi-Property
Export/Import room type default configuration in Multi-Property
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Export/Import allows you to edit room type default configurations and mapping information in bulk by exporting and importing a CSV file to Multi-Property. For configuration changes that affect multiple room types across multiple properties, this tool can save a lot of time.

To export/import room type default configurations, go to the Multi-Property > Admin page > Export/Import tab.

Bulk edit room types using Export/Import

  1. In Multi-Property, go to the Admin page > Export/Import tab.

  2. Click on the Download CSV button to export your Multi-Property’s room types’ default configuration settings as a CSV file.

  3. Open the CSV file in an editor of your choice, make any bulk edits to the data, and save the file. Ensure you follow the Export/Import file format section below when making your edits.

  4. Go back to the Export/Import tab and import the edited CSV file from your computer.

  5. Click on Upload. This may take some time, especially if you are uploading a large CSV file.

💡 Note:

  • Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet applications can be used to edit CSV files.

  • Bulk editing room type default configurations will not change existing room rates. Only newly created room rates will reflect the changes. This is the standard behaviour of room types and room rates.

Export/Import file format

The export-and-import process involves editing the data in the CSV file, but not the structure of the data. The exported file contains certain columns of data in a certain order, and this must not be changed. Also, the first row (the row of column headings) must not be edited or deleted.

The columns of the Export/Import file format are:

  • ROOM_TYPE_UUID: must not be modified because it identifies the room type.



  • INCLUDED_OCCUPANCY: must only contain numbers.

  • FULL_RATE: must only contain numbers and must not be blank.

  • EXTRA_ADULT_RATE: must only contain numbers.

  • EXTRA_CHILD_RATE: must only contain numbers.

  • SINGLE_GUEST_DISCOUNT_AMOUNT: must only contain numbers. This represents the amount or percentage, depending on the SINGLE_GUEST_DISCOUNT_TYPE.

  • SINGLE_GUEST_DISCOUNT_TYPE: must either be blank, or contain one of the following values:

    • amount

    • percentage

  • {CONNECTIVITY}_ROOM_TYPE_CODE: if you have any connectivities* connected, the following columns will contain the room type code mapped to each connectivity. Modifying these values will cause synchronisation issues if the codes don’t match between channel manager and connectivity.

*Connectivity stands for property management system (PMS), central reservations system (CRS), or revenue management system (RMS).

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