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White label versus Multi-Property
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Multi-Property is a powerful time-saving tool for hospitality groups, allowing you to manage an entire portfolio of properties from a central location. In this article we look at the differences between your current White label platform and Multi-Property.

Alerts and notifications

On the White label platform

The Dashboard provides an overview of many important statuses, notifications, and alerts from across your portfolio. These are displayed as links that can be clicked for more information.

The dashboard displays recent alerts and notifications, but cannot display an overview of all alerts and notifications across time. Also, it cannot be searched, filtered, or summarised.

On Multi-Property

Two pages on Multi-Property alert you about important information.

The Health check page collects alerts and notifications from across your portfolio which are grouped by the type of error. They can be filtered by property and channel.

The Distribution matrix page provides an overview of distribution statuses and errors across your entire portfolio. When you select a rate plan using this tool, you will see a table summarising the mapping status for each property, channel, and connectivity*.

*Connectivity refers to property management system (PMS), central reservations system (CRS), or revenue management system (RMS).


On the White label platform

On this platform, you can view the details of a property by going to Manage > All hotel, then selecting a property. However, no property settings can be configured via this platform.

On Multi-Property

The Properties page > Properties tab in this platform allows you to open any property to view its details, configure its room type configurations, and connectivity codes. You can also manage the clusters and brand the property is assigned to. And you can quickly go to any property’s channel manager by clicking on the channel manager icon..

Bulk rate management

On the White label platform

The White label platform does not have the ability to manage rate plans. You are required to do so individually within each property’s channel manager. This takes time and increases the risk of creating inconsistencies.

On Multi-Property

The Distribution page > Rate plans tab in Multi-Property gives you the ability to manage rate plans in bulk across your entire property portfolio. From this single location you can create, edit, import, assign, map, and delete rate plans and room rates. You can also perform many actions in bulk, which saves large amounts of time and ensures consistency.


On the White label platform

The White label platform includes four reports:

  • Channel Summary

  • Channel Performance

  • Channel Trends

  • Channel Adoption

On Multi-Property

Multi-Property Insights is a powerful and time-saving reporting solution. Instead of relying on spreadsheets and manual data entry, create customisable reports with real-time data from all your properties. A flexible pivot table view lets you combine data in any way you choose.

Multi-Property reports can also be saved, edited, and exported to PDF and Excel formats.

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