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Configure occupancy-based pricing (OBP) in Multi-Property
Configure occupancy-based pricing (OBP) in Multi-Property

This article covers the occupancy-based pricing (OBP) feature for integrations through Multi-Property.

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💡 Important to know:

  • The properties that you want to enable occupancy-based pricing (OBP) for must:

    • use rate plans;

    • be connected to an integration* that supports OBP.

  • The OBP feature must also be enabled by our support team before you can:

    • configure OBP settings in your room rates;

    • enable OBP in your room rates in bulk.

Introduction to OBP

OBP is a pricing model that allows a property to set different room rates depending on the number of people booking a room.

➕ For example, if a ‘Triple Room’ is booked for:

  • three occupants, the rate may be AUD 320;

  • two occupants, it is AUD 270;

  • a single occupant, it is AUD 250.

When used effectively, this pricing model can optimise your property’s occupancy and increase revenue.

With Multi-Property, you can save large amounts of time and manual effort by:

  • enabling OBP in bulk for hundreds of room rates across multiple properties;

  • managing the OBP settings in bulk across your properties.

💡 OBP is only available for properties using OBP-supported integration platforms and rate plans. See the next section for more details.

Enable OBP for supported properties

To find out which of your integrations support OBP and then enable OBP for your property, contact our support team.

Configure your room rates’ OBP settings

Once a property has OBP enabled by our support team, you can configure that property’s room rates to support OBP.

Follow these steps to configure OBP settings for a room rate.

Step 1: find the property-level room rate settings

Access the property-level room rate.

For the 'Double room' room type, in the 'Config' tab, rate details are listed. These include the 'Name', 'Rate plan description', 'Default minimum stay', 'Release period', and 'Inclusions'. The breadcrumb bar says 'Distribution / Breakfast included / Bondi Sydney Hotel / Double room'.

Step 2: review and edit the OBP configuration

  1. Ensure that the following settings are configured:

    • Included occupants — the number of guests included in the room rate price.

    • Maximum occupants — the maximum number of guests that can stay in the room type.

    • Full rate — a price that acts as the default rate that’s applied to dates without a price in the inventory. (This setting only shows up if the rate setup is set to Manually input daily rates.)

    • Extra adult — the rate to charge per night per extra adult.

    • Extra child — the rate to charge per night per extra child.

    • Single guest discount — this is a discount, either in a specific amount or percentage, for single guest stays when your Included occupancy is “2” or more.

    • Single guest discount amount/percentage — the value of the single guest discount.

  2. If you need to change any of the settings, click on the Edit button.

Step 3: review and save

Finish editing and click on Save. You will then be redirected back to the room rate’s Config tab, and you’ll be able to see the room rate with its new changes.

💡 Note:

  • Next step: enable the room rates for OBP.

  • You can set up the occupancy settings in bulk before creating the room rates by applying the default configuration for the room type. The new room rates created from this room type will then contain these values.

Enable OBP on room rates in bulk

While bulk-mapping to an integration, Multi-Property will automatically enable OBP on every property’s channel manager and room rate so you don’t have to do it manually.

Follow these steps to enable OBP on room rates in bulk:

  1. Map an integration in bulk.

  2. In the Rate mapping section, select properties with an ‘OBP’ label.

  3. In the Pricing configuration section, tick the Enable occupancy-based pricing for supported rates checkbox to automate enabling and mapping every rate that supports OBP.

💡 The Pricing configuration section will not be available for properties using an integration that either:

  • doesn’t support OBP;

  • or hasn’t been enabled for OBP by our support team.

While bulk mapping to an integration (on the page 'Map rates to Opera eXchange Interface'), a property with an 'OBP' label is selected ('Sydney Hotel'), and the checkbox 'Enable occupancy-based pricing for supported rates' is selected.

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