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Manage property-level room rates within Multi-Property
Manage property-level room rates within Multi-Property

In this article, we cover how Multi-Property enables you to manage property-level room rates through multi-property rate plans.

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Introduction to property-level room rates

Property-level room rates can be managed in bulk by a multi-property rate plan, and the multi-property rate plan can be linked to both the property-level room type and rate plan associated with the room type.

Create property-level room rates in bulk

You can create property-level room rates in bulk by assigning the properties’ room types to the multi-property rate plan, and once created, the rates can be distributed through your channels and mapped to your integrations*.

*The word ‘integration’ refers to property management systems (PMS), central reservations systems (CRS), and revenue management systems (RMS).

View a property-level room rate’s settings

By default, property-level room rates will inherit their values from the property-level rate plan and room type. However, these defaults can be overridden with different values at the property-level rate plan or room rate if you need to make property-level changes.

Follow these steps to view a property-level room rate:

Step 1: find the property-level room rate

  1. Go to Multi-Property > Distribution > Rate plans.

  2. In the list of multi-property rate plans, click on the rate plan you want to view.

  3. Go to the Properties tab. (Not the Properties page at the left column.) You will see a list of all the properties assigned to this rate plan — these represent the property-level rate plans.

The 'Properties tab' showing a list of properties such as 'Sydney Hotel', 'Bondi Sydney Hotel', and 'Melbourne Hotel'. The breadcrumb bar says: 'Distribution > Breakfast included'.
  1. Click on an assigned property to reveal its rooms and rates.

  2. Go to the Rooms and rates tab. You will then see a list of all the room types assigned to this rate plan. When a room type is assigned to a rate plan, it automatically creates a room rate, so the room types in this list represent the property-level room rates.

  3. Click on a room type to view the property-level room rate settings.

Step 2: navigate through the property-level room rate’s tabs

You will find two tabs: Info and Config.

  • Info — this shows you any missing integration mappings. Clicking on Map now will redirect you to the property’s channel manager to perform the integration mapping.

  • Config — this contains the Rate details and Pricing. You might see one or more of the following symbols:

    • Crossed chain

      — this indicates that the value is being overridden at the property-level room rate and ignoring the value configured in its rate plan.

    • Chain

      — this means that the value is being inherited from the property-level rate plan.

    • Up arrow

      — this appears when the setting is linked to the field above.

Edit a property-level room rate

Editing a property-level room rate might involve using overrides, but when a property-level room rate field is overridden, any changes made to its rate plan won’t be applied to the overridden fields.

Follow these steps to edit a property-level room rate:

  1. Access the property-level room rate.

  2. In the property-level room rate’s Config tab, click on the Edit button.

  3. In the Rate details section, the setting you want to edit might display the following:

    • Crossed chain

      — click on it to override the value and ignore the inherited value from the property-level rate plan.

    • Chain

      — click on it to remove the override and revert back to the inherited value from the property-level rate plan.

  4. Finish editing and click on Save. You will then be redirected back to the room rate’s Config tab, and you’ll be able to see the property-level room rate with its new changes.

💡 Overrides should be avoided when possible: if used too often, they will reduce the efficiency of Multi-Property’s bulk editing.

Delete a property-level room rate

Multi-Property gives property managers the ability to delete room rates for specific properties.

To delete a property-level room rate, follow these steps:

  1. Access the property-level room rate.

  2. Click on the room rate’s ellipsis button (...) and select Delete rate.

  3. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the deletion. Confirm by clicking on Delete.

⚠️ Note:

  • Deleted property-level room rates cannot be recovered.

  • When a room rate is deleted from a property, any related room rates on your mapped channels or integrations won’t be deleted automatically as well; you will need to delete them manually from these external platforms.

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