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Connect properties to a multi-property rate plan
Connect properties to a multi-property rate plan

This article covers the connection of properties to new and existing multi-property rate plans.

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Introduction to property connection

New multi-property rate plans are not automatically connected to properties when they’re created; you’ll need to connect them yourself. Fortunately, the process is simple: when you connect a property to a multi-property rate plan, a property-level rate plan for the property will be automatically created. Any edits made to the multi-property rate plan are then applied automatically to the connected property rate plans (unless overrides have been set at the property-level rate plans), thereby saving time and ensuring consistency.

When connecting properties, property-level room types are also connected to a rate plan, which in turn automatically creates property-level room rates that can be distributed via your mapped channels.

Connect properties

Follow these steps to connect properties to a multi-property rate plan.

Step 1: find the connection tool

  1. Go to Distribution > Rate plans.

  2. From the list, click to select the multi-property rate plan you wish to connect to a property.

Clicking 'Distribution' in the sidebar, then click the 'Rate plans' tab.
  1. Click on the ellipsis button (...) and select Connect properties from the drop-down menu.

After clicking the ellipsis button, in the 'Actions' menu select 'Connect properties'.

Step 2: Room type connection

From this page, you can connect a multi-property rate plan to:

  • all the room types within a selected property — by ticking a property’s checkbox;

  • specific room types within a selected property — by ticking the room types’ checkboxes.

Once you have selected the properties and room types you want to connect to the multi-property rate plan, click on Next to configure the Inventory and Rate settings.

💡 Note:

  • Use the Property checkbox to tick your entire portfolio of properties and their room types. Unticking the same checkboxdoes the opposite: it automatically unticks all properties and room types.

  • You can filter the list of properties and room types by property.

  • Through the Connected room types filter, you can opt to show room types that are already connected to the multi-property rate plan. Connected room types are excluded by default.

  • Properties with greyed-out checkboxes cannot be selected. Hover over their information icon (i) to find out why.

Step 3: Inventory settings

In the Inventory settings section, you have the following options:

  • Enable default stop sell— if the toggled is enabled, all new dates in the inventory grid will get a stop sell until they are manually overridden.

  • Availability— choose between the following options:

    • Linked to selected room type— opting for this will share the room rate’s availability with its room type. (This is the recommended option.)

    • Managed independently— select thisto manage the room rate’s availability, independent of any room type.

Step 4: Rate settings

In the Rate settings section, your room rates will inherit the default room type configuration. If some of the room types do not have any default configuration set, you can enter values for the following fields:

  • Included occupants— the number of guests included in the room rate.

  • Full rate— the price that will act as the default rate applied to dates without a price in the Inventory.

  • Extra adult rate — the rate to charge per night per extra adult.

  • Extra child rate — the rate to charge per night per extra child.

  • Single guest discount— this can be either amount or percentage to add a discount for single guest stays when your Included occupancy is “2” or more.

💡 Note:

  • These values will be used for the room types with missing configuration only.

  • If you want to override the default configuration settings applied to the room types, enable the Replace settings with new configuration toggle and enter new values in each field.

Step 5: review and save

Click on Connect properties to automatically create this rate plan and its room rates in all of the selected properties.

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