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Manage brands within Multi-Property
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For hospitality groups that manage multiple brands, Multi-Property makes it easy to find or select properties by brand. And when using Multi-Property Insights, you can segment data to see brand-level trends.

To manage brands, go to the Multi-Property platform > Properties page > Brands tab.

Brands list

The Brands tab contains a list of all of your brands within the Multi-Property platform. From here you can open an existing brand and create new brands.

Create a brand

From Multi-Property’s Properties page > Brands tab > Add brand button, enter the name of the brand and save your changes. Each brand must have a unique name. Brands should reflect the real-life brands in your portfolio.

When a new brand is created, it will have no properties assigned to it. The next step is to assign relevant properties to the brand.

Assign and unassign properties to a brand

From Multi-Property’s Properties page > Brands tab, click on a brand. When a brand is opened, you will see the list of properties assigned to it. Click on Add properties and then select one or more properties to assign to the brand.

💡 Why is a certain property not showing in the Add properties list?

  • Since each property can only be assigned to one brand, only properties not assigned to any brand will show in this list. To re-assign a property to a different brand, you must unassign the property from the first brand.

  • Only properties you have permission to access will be shown in this list. Your user permissions can be configured by admin users.

To unassign a property, click on its trash can icon in the list of assigned properties and confirm the action.

⚠️ A property that is unassigned from this brand will be left without a brand.

Edit or delete a brand

⚠️ Before deleting a brand, please note:

  • Deleted brands cannot be recovered.

  • All properties assigned to a deleted brand will be left without a brand.

From Multi-Property’s Properties page > Brands tab, click on the brand you wish to edit. When a brand is opened, you are able to edit or delete it.

The name of the brand can be edited by clicking on the pencil icon, entering a new unique name and saving.

A brand can be deleted by clicking on the ellipsis icon (...) and then on Delete. Make sure to confirm the deletion.

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