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Learn about Expedia's features
Learn about Expedia's features
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Reservation commission percentage

Expedia also gives you the option to add a Reservation commission on top of the total reservation amount.

Expedia Traveller Preference (ETP) program

If your property is part of the Expedia Traveller Preference (ETP) program, you can offer guests two options to pay for their reservation, as described below.

  • Hotel Collect reservations — guests book on Expedia, but pay at your property. Once a booking has been made, you can view it for 72 hours, along with the guest’s credit card details and Card Verification Value (CVV) number in Expedia Partner Central, and then again on the day of check-in.

  • Expedia Collect reservations — guests book and pay on Expedia. Once a booking has been made, Expedia will send you Expedia Virtual Card (EVC) details that can be used to process the payment as guarantee at time of check-in and as payment at check out.

💡 Note:

  • If you are part of the ETP program, you will have two, three, or four Expedia rates that can be mapped per rate in our platform. The Expedia setup requires multi-mapping — when one of our platform rates is mapped to two or more channel rates — and with ETP, Expedia offers the same rate in different ways, whether as a package, linked, or derived rate, or as a “SellRate”.

  • For Expedia reservations, we neither store CVV numbers in our platform nor attach them to reservation notification e-mails.

  • If you have a connectivity/integration — in other words, a property management system (PMS), revenue management system (RMS), or central reservation system (CRS) — credit card details can be sent from our platform to the connectivity/integration as long as their system supports it. To find out if your connectivity/integration accepts credit card details in reservations, please contact their support team.

Reservation e-mails

Our platform will send you a notification e-mail whenever a reservation is created, modified, or cancelled via Expedia.

💡 Note:

  • Reservation e-mails are sent to the e-mail address listed in Expedia’s Channel settings.

  • Guest notification e-mails are still sent by Expedia for their reservations.

Reservation delivery

Your platform will check for any Expedia reservations every five minutes, and if any are detected, they will be automatically listed, courtesy of Expedia, so your platform can retrieve them. All Expedia reservations received will be shown on the Reservations page.

💡 Note:

  • If Expedia’s connection is disabled in our platform, we will not be able to retrieve their list of new reservations, and as a result, any reservations made via Expedia will not be delivered to your platform.

  • If you have a connectivity/integration, any reservation that did not reach our platform because of the channel being disabled will also not reach the connectivity/integration and will need to be created manually.

Stop sells at room level

You can apply stop sells on room rates and room types via Expedia’s extranet; however, your platform only sends stop sells to channels on a rate level, not on the room type level.

⚠️ If you apply a stop sell on a room type via Expedia, your platform will not be able to override it, and removing it will have to be done manually from Expedia’s extranet.

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