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Competitor rates
Create, edit, view, or download a competitor rates report
Create, edit, view, or download a competitor rates report
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💡 Important to know:

  • To run a competitor rates report, go to the Insights tab > Competitor rates.

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  • You must be subscribed to SiteMinder Plus to access the competitor rates report.

  • Competitors must be connected to and open to bookings for their rates to be included in these reports.

  • If no rates are displayed after refreshing, or a "SOLD", or "N/A" message is displayed, check your property’s availability on the extranet.

What is a competitor rates report?

Using data from, Insights’ competitor rates report shows real-time comparisons of your room rates and those of up to ten competitors, thereby helping you plan pricing strategies more effectively.

The data can be viewed on a calendar or a graph — simply click the respective symbols.

platforms Insights view options

Calendar view

The calendar view displays a month-long comparison of your rates and those of your competitors.

platforms Insights calendar view

Each cell on the calendar shows your property’s rate and the percentage difference compared to your competitors’ rates on a specific date. If your rate is substantially higher than your competitors’, the cell will be red; if it is much lower, it will be green. (These cutoffs are determined by your price comparison rules).

Click on a cell to examine the list of competitors whose rates are being compared.

To view the previous or next month, click on the left or right arrow, respectively.

Graph view

In the graph view, your property rates are represented by a blue line, with a shaded area underneath to help distinguish which competitor rates are higher or lower than your rate on a given date.

Click on the date to select the range you want to view.

Click on the arrows either side of the date to view the previous or next period.

platforms Insights graph view

Below the graph is a rates grid with the following information:

  • Your property rate versus the median rate, and the percentage difference.

  • The number of rooms sold per day, with an up or down arrow indicating an increase or decrease compared to the previous year.

  • Your competitors’ rates (shown in rows).

To select or deselect a competitor property, click on the checkbox next to its name — deselecting not only removes the competitor from both the graph and calendar views, but also excludes their rates from being calculated in the median rate.

Clicking on a rate in the rates grid will display the following information:

  • The room type for the rate

  • When the rate was last retrieved

  • Rate currency

  • Tax settings (base rate or inclusive)

Hover over any point on the graph to see which competitor corresponds to the line on the graph, as well as their rates for that date.

platforms competitor graph

Manage your competitors

Add a competitor

You can compare your room rates against those of up to ten competitors.

  1. To add, change, or delete competitors from your list, click on Settings > Manage competitors.

platforms Insights manage competitors
  1. Use the Manage competitors window to search for competitor properties, either by:

    • entering their name or address in the search bar;

    • or moving around the map to locate other nearby properties.

  2. Click on any desired property to add it to your list of competitors.

platforms Insights competitors

Remove a competitor

To remove a property from your competitor list, click on the Edit(...) button beside a property, then from the drop-down menu, click on Delete.

platforms Insights competitors

Why am I unable to find a competitor?

If you cannot locate a competitor under Manage competitors, it might be because your competitor is not live on

💡 If your competitor is on but not visible in Insights, please contact Support and send them the competitor’s URL so they can be manually added to your competitor list.

Rate filters

You can use rate filters to make your rate comparisons more specific.

  1. Click on the Filters button.

    platforms Insights delete competitors
  1. In the drop-down menu, choose any of the following rate filters:

    • Nights — filter by up to 30 nights.

    • Guests — filter by up to 6 guests.

    • Meal — filter by the meal types included in the rates.

    • Cancellation policy — filter by cancellation policies.

Refresh rates

Insights automatically refreshes its rates from every 24 hours.

To do it manually, click on Refresh. All rates will be greyed out while refreshing, and once complete, the grey progress bar will turn green and disappear.

platforms Insights filters

⚠️ If a rate cannot be refreshed, the progress bar will turn red and a timeout will occur approximately two minutes later, after which any uploaded rates will not be retrievable while on the page — to retrieve unloaded rates, click Refresh again.

What do the statuses mean?

A property can display several statuses:

  • SOLD — either a room or all rooms are sold out for the day, or a minimum restriction is applied.

  • Unavailable — a property is not offering any rooms during the specified time.

  • MLOS (Min Length of Stay) — a property is only offering rooms for bookings longer than the specified number of days.

  • Closed — a property is no longer available on

  • Not found — no results were found matching the search criteria.

  • Blank — no pricing was found on a given day.

  • Red line — a rate refresh was unsuccessful

Pricing comparison rules

Once configured, pricing comparison rules can show you when your room rates are higher or lower than your competitors’ rates: days when your rate exceeds the lower price rule will be indicated by a down arrow and green highlighting, whereas days when your higher price rule is exceeded will be indicated by an up arrow and red highlighting.

To set your price comparison rules, follow these steps:

  1. Click Pricing comparison.

  2. In the new menu, set the price rule percentages by using the sliders or entering a number in the percentage fields.

platforms Insights refresh

⚠️ Higher and lower rates are also indicated in both the calendar and graph views with up and down arrows (as well as the percentage difference).

Download your report

The report can be downloaded as a .csv file and then opened in Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, and other spreadsheet applications.

To download it, follow the steps below.

  1. Click Download.

download insights platforms
  • Select the dates you want to export, and click Download.

download insights platforms

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