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Roiback is one of the world’s most important booking engines. Connecting it to your channel manager can increase your online distribution. Roiback’s booking engine employs design and a high quality user experience to secure more bookings.

Which updates does Roiback support?

Roiback supports the following inventory updates:

  • Rates shown on the Inventory page

  • Availability

  • Restrictions

    • Minimum stay

    • Stop sells

    • CTA (closed to arrival)

    • CTD (closed to departure)

➕ Did you know channels that accept stop sells can also accept your property platform’s release period?

  • Maximum update period: Roiback has a maximum inventory update period of 700 days, equivalent to one year and 11 months.

⚠️ Roiback doesn’t have integration for maximum stay.

How do I connect to Roiback?

⚠️ Make sure you have a Roiback account before adding this channel to your property platform’s channel manager. If you don’t have an account, to create one.

To connect to Roiback, please follow these steps:

  • Request to connect to SiteMinder
    Log into your Roiback extranet and request an XML connection with SiteMinder.

💡 Contact Roiback support for help with this step. They will enable the connection and provide your hotel code to connect to the channel through your property platform’s channel manager.

  • Add Roiback to your channel manager
    Log into your property platform and go to Distribution > Channels.

⚠️ If you receive an error message stating “ There is a problem with this Hotel Code ”, your code might already be in use for another property. Contact Roiback, confirm the code, and make sure the property is not connected to another property platform’s channel manager.

  • Make sure you have created rates in Roiback extranet
    You should create rooms and rates created in Roiback before mapping. Their configurations should match the ones on your property platform.

  • Map your rates to Roiback
    Once our team has confirmed the connection, you will be able to map your room rates to Roiback.

  • Check your inventory and enable Roiback
    After the mapping is completed, you should:

    • Check whether your inventory information is correct.

    • Enable Roiback to start sending all updates.

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