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Manage your release period
Manage your release period
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💡 Important to know:

  • To set your release period at a rate plan level, log in > Rooms and rates > Rate plans > click on a rate plan > Edit.

  • Your release period will follow your property’s time zone.

Introduction to release period

The release period is the minimum number of days in advance a guest must book a room rate. It allows you to:

  • Restrict the sale of a room before guest arrival for a set number of days, to avoid last-minute reservations.

  • Set up early bird deals by giving discounts to guests when they book in advance.

➕ For example, you can create an “Early bird non-refundable” rate plan with a discount and a Release period of “30” that the room rates will inherit. Your guests will only benefit from the discount if they book through this rate plan’s room rates, which would be available more than a month in advance from their check-in date.

How release periods work

Once your release period is set at a rate plan level, it will automatically be applied to your room rates and connected channel rates.

Here’s how it works:

  • Set up release period on the rate plan level

The sale for associated room rates and channel rates are progressively restricted as the release time passes. You can override the release period at the room rate level by changing the settings.

  • The release period is visible in your Inventory tab

In your platform’s Distribution > Inventory, the release period is highlighted in orange in the same way as the Stop sell.

  • The release period is sent to your connected channels

As dates progress, and as long as your channel rates are enabled, the release period is sent to your channels, which avoids last-minute reservations.

💡 The opposite setting to Release period is Maximum advance booking dates , which releases the rates to be booked at the last-minute. In your platform, this setting is only available for your direct booking rates.

Set up your release period

💡 The release period value cannot be greater than 180 days.

This setting can be configured at two levels:

  • Rate plan level - when creating or editing a rate plan.

  • Room rate level - when creating or editing a room rate, by overriding the release period value inherited from the rate plan.

Identify release period in the Inventory tab

Both Stop sell and Release period are highlighted in orange. You can tell the difference between them:

  • When a Stop sell has been applied, its fields are ticked (both from manual entering in the Inventory tab and automatic updates from your connectivity).

  • When a Release period has been applied, the Stop sell fields are unticked (for the rate plan or room rate configuration).

💡 Note:

  • In our Inventory , you can differentiate between a Stop sell and Release period , but both will be sent to your connected channels as Stop sell.

  • Some channels have an additional Release period field on their mapping. In this case, you can choose to set it up in the mapping, and send a release only to that specific channel rate.

  • Connectivity refers to property management system (PMS), central reservations system (CRS), or revenue management system (RMS).

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