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Set up an automatic closure yield rule
Set up an automatic closure yield rule
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💡 Important to know:

  • To create or edit a yield rule, go to Distribution > Yield rules.

    • Use the filters to quickly select specific options.

Definition of automatic closure

The Automatic closure rule applies a stop sell to selected room rates when the room type availability reaches a certain level. This is useful to apply when demand is high, availability is low, and you want to close out low- profit-margin room rates.

➕ For example:

  • You have a low-yield room rate such as a "Single room - super midweek saver" and a high-yield room rate such as "Single room - standard rate".

  • You can set an Automatic closure rule to allow the sale of both while availability is high, and apply a stop sell to the low-yield room rate when availability is low.

Set up an automatic closure

⚠️ Note:

  • The Automatic closure rule is applicable for the availability of a specific room type, not the total availability of all room types in the property;

  • An automatic stop sell will be applied to the availability of the selected room types once they reach their set limit.

  • In Distribution > Yield rules , click on the Add yield rule button.

  • Select Automatic closure as the rule type.

  • Follow the steps by filling in the following mandatory information:

Step 1: Rule name

  • Rule name - give your rule a unique name that reminds you of what it 's about. For example, "Super midweek saver auto closure". This name is for internal reference only so your guests won’t see it anywhere.

Step 2: Room types and availability

  • Which room types does this rule apply to? - tick all the room types that you want this rule to apply to.

  • Availability limit - set a limit number to trigger a stop sell when the Availability limit reaches that threshold.

Step 3: Rate plans and channels

  • Which rate plans does this rule apply to? - tick all the rate plans that you want this rule to apply to.

  • Which channels does this rule apply to? - tick all the channels that you want this rule to apply to. Stop sells are used on the channel rate level.

Step 4: Applicable dates

  • Set dates for the following date range - choose between the following options:

    • Always - for the rule to apply all the time, regardless of dates.

    • Selected dates only - for the rule to apply only to specific date ranges. When selected, you will need to fill in the Start and end dates to specify the rule’s applicable dates. Use the Add new date range button to add another set of dates.

  • Selected days - choose the applicable days for this rule (highlights in blue).

Step 5: Review and save

Check that all the information is correct, then Save.

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