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Connect or disconnect iHotelier
Connect or disconnect iHotelier
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💡 Important to know:

  • To connect iHotelier to our platform, you need an iHotelier account — if you do not have one, go to iHotelier’s website to create an account and set up your property before proceeding.

Benefits of connecting to iHotelier

iHotelier offers an interactive direct booking engine, with responsive design across all devices, high-definition video, call to actions, add-on services, and room hold functionality to engage potential guests. iHotelier captures abandoned bookings with personalised marketing e-mails with offers based on the guest’s unique behaviour and previous search, making it easy to complete their reservations.

Updates supported by iHotelier

Our platform sends inventory updates to iHotelier that include the following data:

  • Rates and occupancy

    • Rates shown on the Inventory page

    • Extra adult rate

    • Extra child rate

    • Single guest discount

    • Double rate modifier

  • Availability

  • Restrictions

    • Minimum stay — also called ‘minimum stay on arrival’, this restriction only applies to the check-in day. For example, if you set this restriction to ‘3’ for 2 June 2023 and a guest wants to book a two-night reservation starting on 1 June 2023, they will be able to make the reservation.

    • Stop sell

💡 Note:

  • iHotelier does not support maximum stay, CTA (closed to arrival), and CTD (closed to departure).

  • iHotelier has a maximum inventory update period of 364 days.

  • Channels that accept stop sells can also accept your release period.

Connect to iHotelier

💡 You need to have an iHotelier account before you can connect iHotelier to our platform — if you do not have one, go to to create an account before proceeding.

Step 1: request to connect SiteMinder

Log into your iHotelier extranet and request an XML connection with SiteMinder. Take note of the Property code (also called “hotel ID”) that iHotelier has assigned to your property.

💡 For more assistance with this step, contact iHotelier’s support team directly.

Step 2: add iHotelier to your platform

Make sure to add the channel ‘iHotelier’.

Step 3: follow the steps in the Channel Connection Wizard

  1. Review the connection and click Connect.

  2. Once connected, please wait 24 hours for our support team to confirm the connection with iHotelier.

Step 4: ensure that you have rooms and rates created in iHotelier’sextranet

While our support team confirms the connection with iHotelier, ensure that you have rooms and rates created in iHotelier’s extranet with configurations matching those in our platform. Also make sure you have one room rate in our platform for each iHotelier room rate you want to map.

Step 5: set up your iHotelier channel settings

  1. Once our support team has activated iHotelier’s connection, go to Distribution > Channels tab.

  2. Locate iHotelier and click on its ellipsis button (...).

  3. In the Channel actions menu, select Update channel settings.

  4. In the Channel settings tab, click on the edit button to modify settings.

  5. Click Save.

Step 6: map your rates to iHotelier

To map iHotelier, follow the steps in article. Map a room rate to a channel.

Step 7: check your inventory and enable iHotelier

Once you have completed mapping, follow these steps:

  • Check that the data in your inventory is correct.

  • Enable iHotelier.

Disconnect iHotelier

To learn how to disconnect iHotelier — and other channels — from our platform, read article Connect, edit, or disconnect a channel.

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