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Understanding your upsell performance
Understanding your upsell performance

How to interpret the performance of your offers

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You can check the “health” of your offers under Guest activity > Analytics. Here is an example of some offer statistics:

We will be using this example to illustrate how to understand your offer performance.

Healthy offers

Healthy offers have a good ratio of views to orders. This is a good indication that your guests want it, the price is fair, and there was enough information for the guest.

Offers which need improving

Offers which have a large number of views but few or no orders can definitely be improved. The idea of the offer is attractive to your guest - that’s why it’s been viewed so many times! However, something is stopping them from ordering - price, or not enough information are usually why.

Offers your guests don’t want

If you have offers with very few views and few or no orders, it’s probably safe to say that you should consider removing them. Sometimes the image you’ve used can dissuade a guest from viewing the offer; other times, the offer is simply not relevant to your guests.

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