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Determine your property's personality
Determine your property's personality

Define your brand, tone of voice, and more, so that your offers are consistent

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If your property were a person, who would it be?

Hotels come in all shapes and sizes, are in all kinds of different locations, and these factors usually influence the personality of the property.

It's important to define your property's personality, so that you can have consistent messaging, tone of voice, imagery, and writing style. So let's dive in and explore these examples!

💃 Audrey - classical

Timeless, classical elegance. A kind, well-spoken demeanour.

😎 Hipster - cool

Edgy, understated, and chilled-out. Easy-going and cool.

🙃 Björk - quirky

Quirky and outgoing. Happy, playful, and friendly.

🤵 James - sophisticated

Sophisticated and modern. Unshakeable and smooth.

🤖 Terminator - boring

Bland, boring, and generic. This is what you don't want to be!

Why your property's personality matters

Think of the common Bottle of wine offer that many properties have.

Let's see how the Terminator sells it:

🤖 "A 750ml bottle of wine delivered to your room"

Nothing very exciting about that 😐 But is that necessarily a bad thing? After all, hotels still sell bottles of wine!

Well, though you might sell some bottles of wine, it's the sales that you are missing out on that make this offer description, well, bad!

There are 3 types of guests

Irrespective of what type of property you have, if you are going to offer the bottle of wine, there will be 3 types of people staying with you, and they exist on a spectrum:

At one end, we have the guests 😑 who would never take that bottle of wine. They likely don't drink, or think they will be ripped off and will perhaps get their own wine.

At the other end, we have the guests 🤤 who are happy to take the bottle of wine; perhaps they've had a long day, or they want to relax in their room in the evening.

What you have in between are the guests 🤔 who are undecided. These are the people who need convincing, to be sold to; to buy in to the experience, instead of just the simple transaction.

Even something is simple as a bottle of wine can be sold as an experience.

Master that, and you will dramatically increase your upsell revenue across the board.

Find out how in the next article; Selling experiences.

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