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Utilise your property's personality to sell experiences to guests

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In this article, you will find out how to sell the experience using your property's personality!

The bottle of wine

Remember the Terminator example?

🍷🤖 A bottle of wine

A 750ml bottle of wine delivered to your room.

Let's look at how you could sell the wine, based on adding personality to both the name of the offer, and the description:

🤵 Sophisticated

Care for a glass of wine?

Whether you’re taking it easy at the end of the day, or finishing off some work, why not enjoy a nice drop at the same time?

Let us bring you a fine Lindeman Merlot or Chardonnay to enjoy for the evening.

🙃 Quirky

Liquid love on your arrival!

The hard part is out of the way - you've made it to our hotel after a tiring flight or perhaps a long drive.

Why not have a chilled Cava waiting for you when you arrive? Kick your feet up, recover, and enjoy a glass or two before you make your next move!

Already, you can see the difference that selling the experience makes, even for something as basic as wine. These kinds of descriptions will go a long way in convincing your undecided guests whether they should place an order or not!

Imagery matters too

Sticking with the wine example, remember that the images you use to portray the experience will affect the guest's decision.

Check out these options; 🤖 🤵 🙃

By now, you no doubt get what we mean 🙂

But before we move forward, let's look at one more seemingly mundane example of an upsell offer, and how applying personality can really sell guests on the idea.

Airport transfer

Yes, even transfers can be sold as an experience! But what does the Terminator offer look like?

🤖 Airport transfer

We will arrange for your pickup at the airport to bring you to our hotel.

Let's look at the two ends of the guest spectrum for this offer:

😑 No way

  • Can’t afford it

  • Happy to try their luck on unfamiliar public transport

  • Prefer a taxi / rideshare

  • Believe they’re being ripped off

😀 Definitely!

  • Already factored as an expense for the trip

  • Public transport is too hard to figure out / too many bags / kids

  • Concerned about unlicensed drivers, or drivers who take the "scenic route"

  • Don’t mind paying for convenience and safety, especially due to COVID-19

Now, let's look at how you could convince the undecided guests, using your hotel's personality to sell the experience:

🤵 Zero-stress arrival

We understand - the journey here might be exhausting. The last thing you want to worry about is how to get here from the airport. Should you try and figure out the public transport system? Is it better to take a taxi? Is this even an accredited taxi driver?

Don’t worry - leave it to us. We’ll arrange for one of our trusted partners to meet you in the arrivals hall. Your professional driver will take care of everything and have you arriving comfortably in around 35 minutes.

🙃 You’re famous!

You know when you arrive at the airport and you see people holding signs with people’s names on them? THAT COULD BE FOR YOU!

Save yourself the time and hassle, and get to our hotel like a true VIP.

After meeting you in the arrivals hall, your driver will whizz you here in no time - the car even has dark tinted glass to protect you from the flashes from the paparazzi!

Hopefully this illustrates the importance of defining your hotel's personality, and selling the experience of your offers.

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