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A really quick introduction to upselling
A really quick introduction to upselling

An overview of the absolute best practice

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Upselling and cross-selling are important facets of the operation of hotels and related properties.

Guest Engagement is a fantastic tool that helps you to increase your RevPAR with some clever features, but don't forget that successful upselling isn't automatic. It requires a degree of creativity and applying certain techniques in order to fully realise the upsell potential at your property.

That's exactly why we have these resources available to you; to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge needed to truly become an upsell superstar 🌠

The core principles of upsell success

Beyond simply choosing something to sell and making an offer for it, there are 3 principles we'd like to discuss which, when adhered to, will maximise the potential for conversion.

They are:

Knowing your property's personality

This is essential in making a connection with the guest.

Selling experiences

Instead of selling the product or service, sell based on emotion in order to convince undecided guests to buy.

Identifying your guest personas

Understand they types of people that stay with you, and for what reasons, in order to present the most relevant offers to them.

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