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June 2023 release notes
June 2023 release notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Distribution: Airbnb, Check-in Method and Basic Information

Two new sections — Check-in instructions and Basic information — have been added in Channel Manager to be configured when mapping to Airbnb:

  • Check-in instructions — advise guests of your property’s check-in instructions (for example, if your guests must enter via a smart lock, or if they will be greeted by a host).

  • Basic information — advise guests of any important information about your property, for example if your property has shared facilities, if there is parking available, or if there are any amenity limitations.

Distribution: new connections

New channel connections:

  • Destination Italia

  • Your Golf Travel

  • HotelPlanner

  • Revenatium

  • Vietravel

New property management system (PMS) connections:


  • Evergreen


Updated property management system (PMS) connections, new functionality:

  • Timón Hotel

New Hotel App Store partnership:

  • My Wise Board

  • Nonius Hotel Guest App

  • Swyftin

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