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October 2023 release notes
October 2023 release notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Direct booking: new Map URL field

A new setting ‘Map URL’ has been added under Direct booking > Guest communications. If you want to customise the "Show on Map" function in your reservation confirmation e-mails, add the URL to your property on Google Maps into this new field. Guests will also be directed to this URL if they click on your address on your booking engine’s Contact page — whereas previously the address was not clickable. (Learn more: Edit the Google Maps URL).

Insights: new enhancements to the Pace report

The Pace report has received several enhancements:

  • ADR (Average Daily Rate) view — you now have flexibility to easily switch from the Reservation revenue graph to the ADR view, empowering you to gain a deeper understanding of your data.

  • New Comparison Periods — the comparison capabilities have been expanded so that you can now explore short-term comparisons, including the ability to compare to the Same Period Last Week (SPLW), and more.

Distribution: new connections

New channel connections:

  • Camping Vision

  • Travalco USA Inc

  • Our World

Updated connections, new functionality:

  • you can now receive rates (Per Day Pricing)

  • Occupancy Plus PMS: Availability, Rates, StopSell, MinStay, MaxStay, CTA, CTD, Res New, Res Modification, and Res Cancellations are now available

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