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January 2023 Release Notes
January 2023 Release Notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Demand Plus: new booking performance data added to dashboard

A new section has been added to your Demand Plus dashboard, Booking Performance, where you can view your Demand Plus’ performance data, such as the number of completed stays and total booking amount, as well as total and average commission rate. Plus, if you have applied taxes and surcharges, you will also be able to see your total commission rate alongside your average commission rate. (This is because Demand Plus’ commission only applies to the total net booking amount, excluding taxes and surcharges.)

Direct Booking: service charges, rate multiplier, and default search criteria added

To make it even easier to configure and manage your property, the following functionalities have been added to Direct Booking:

  • Service charges — set up and manage service charges for your Booking Engine by defining the nominated percentage, which is displayed and captured in the reservation flow to prevent surprising guests with additional fees when viewing the check-out page.

  • Rate multiplier — set up and manage a rate multiplier to help calculate a rate’s taxes and commissions before it is sent to your Booking Engine.

  • Default search criteria — define the default number of guests and stay nights for when a guest searches for a stay in your Booking Engine. This not only improves the search loading experience by only showcasing your available products, but also saves guests time by eliminating the need to adjust search filters to find results.

Distribution: new integrations

New channel integrations:

  • Tripadvisor Plus/Instant Booking

  • Magic Arabia

  • Orchestra4hotels

  • TravelgateX

  • Tourplan: certified and added for VCC

New PMS integrations:


  • ezCRS

  • AbodeBooking (Payment Sync API)

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