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March 2024 release notes
March 2024 release notes

What’s new this month in the SiteMinder platform? Stay up to date with the latest features and improvements.

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New features and improvements

Improvements to labelling room types

We’ve made some improvements to how you categorise and label room types.

  • Room type name — room type names are now standardised for simplicity and to ensure consistency on your booking engine and future channels. The room type name is now a drop-down menu; the available options will depend on the room category selected.

  • Room type category — select from 18 predefined room categories. The room category will not be shown to guests.

Learn more about creating a room type in this article.

New ‘Connectivities status’ added to the Dashboard

If you have connected your PMS, RMS, or CRS to your SiteMinder platform, you will see a new ‘Connectivities status’ on the Dashboard page. The Connectivities status will show you how many room rates are mapped to your connected system, out of the total number of existing room rates in your platform — helping you spot and connect any unmapped rates. Learn more.

Distribution: new connections

New channel connections:

  • Tailorbeds

  • OpenRoom

  • Onda

  • Velero Azul

  • AlliedTPro

Updated connections, new functionality:

  • PetsPyjamas (SC): now supports CTA, CTD, and inclusions.

  • Traveloka (SC): now supports Maximum Stay and Minimum/Maximum Stay Through.

New property management system (PMS) connection:

  • Easy Front Desk

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