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Account: On Hold, Change of Ownership or Cancellations
Account: On Hold, Change of Ownership or Cancellations
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SiteMinder offers customers who are considering cancelling their subscription the option to temporarily place their account On Hold or request a Change of Ownership.

On Hold provides you with the flexibility to suspend your account for up to three months, which can be especially helpful during renovations or short term closures. Similarly, if you have recently sold your property or will not be directly managing your account the Change of Ownership option gives you the ability to transfer your account to a new owner.

How to request account changes:

Requests can only be made by the Primary billing user or Billing users. To manage billing users, click your property’s name > select Billing > click the Billing users tab.

  1. Click on your Property Name in the top right hand corner.

  2. Select Billing from the drop down list.

  3. You will be redirected to the self-service Billing portal, select Accounts.

  4. Click Manage account.

  5. This opens the account request form, click Continue and select the On Hold, Change of Ownership or Cancellation. Then, complete the required fields in the form.

  6. Your request will be actioned as soon as possible by our team. You will be contacted to confirm your details and gather any additional information.

On Hold

On Hold lets you temporarily suspend your account for 3 months at a reduced fee. Whether it’s renovations, government restrictions or unexpected closures, this option gives you flexibility to keep your account.

On Hold periods must be in whole months (e.g; January to March) and during this time all products are paused. A request must be made before the hold period begins. If you have a contract, there might be limitations on using On Hold.

What to expect when requesting an On Hold period.


  • While your account is on hold any available rooms will still be bookable online. Before placing your account on hold please check your Inventory to ensure your prices, availability, stop sells, and any other restrictions are accurate and up to date.

  • An upfront hold payment will replace your normal full subscription during the hold period and once it ends, you will return to the full subscription fee. Details about the On Hold fee will be discussed with you after requesting the hold.


  • Your channels stay connected to receive future bookings.

  • User access restricted. User logins will be disabled to prevent any accidental changes.


  • Reactivation reminder. We’ll contact you near your reactivation date to confirm reopening and next steps.

  • Billing and access. We’ll reactivate your billing and user access.

  • Renovations? If you’ve changed your room configuration, make sure to amend your setup and configuration (room types, rate plans, mapping and channel connections) in all systems including your PMS, RMS and CRS.

Change of Ownership

Instead of cancelling, you can request a transfer of your SiteMinder account and chosen data to the new owner with our Change of Ownership option.


Cancellation allows you to permanently stop using one or more of our products. This might be due to a property closure or switching to another provider.

SiteMinder has a 30-day Cancellation policy, this means your access will switch off 30 days after requesting cancellation unless stated otherwise in your contract.

Demand Plus

You have the option to suspend or cancel Demand Plus. After your Cancellation date, you’ll no longer have access to reconcile Demand Plus reservations. Our Accounts team will send a final invoice for all future reservations, so it’s important to do a final reconciliation for all future bookings before the cancellation date.

SiteMinder Pay

You can disable deposits for your Direct Booking rates instead of cancelling your SiteMinder Pay account.

If you are only requesting to cancel SiteMinder Pay, a 30-day Cancellation policy does not apply.

Reactivate my account

Whether you cancelled recently or a while back, we’re here to help.

  • Cancelled recently (within 30 days): reach out to our support team to discuss reactivation options.

  • Been a while (over 30 days): get in touch with our sales team to discuss reactivation options. Setup fees and new pricing may apply.

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