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GDS by SiteMinder - Optimisation Guide
GDS by SiteMinder - Optimisation Guide
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Please see below an Optimisation Strategy video as well as some helpful suggestions on how to optimise your GDS by SiteMinder setup, in order to maximise fully on your potential GDS reservations.

We recommend consulting this when filling out your GDS by SiteMinder setup form. It is also useful to review when entering your data in the GDS by SiteMinder extranet.



  • Update the correct Property and Location Type classification under the Property Attributes section.

  • Ensure the correct address and geocoding - this information is very important for travel agents to be able to locate your hotel.

Cross check the geo coordinates against


The following are recommendations in order to be competitive on the GDS:

    This section should be used to advertise your property. In cases where there are multiple cancellation, guarantee and commission policies - highlight the best one in Local Policies section and follow with the sentence: ‘Policy may differ depending on rate type - see individual rate rules’.

    A same day / 24hr cancellation policy is recommended. eg. Cancel prior to 2pm the day prior to arrival.

    A guarantee to Credit Card policy, rather than requiring deposits or prepayments is recommended. Some areas may also want to guarantee to the IATA although this is not recommended for Public rate types as it may be difficult to chase for payments related to ‘no show’ reservations.

    10% commission is the standard practice across the GDS for commissionable rates.



  • Add and assign all relevant room features from the available options.


  • We recommend not to add too many Room Types → 3 room types is the ideal number. This is to avoid overcrowding of the Travel Agency 's screen with non-relevant options.

  • When deciding which to include, consider the following (as not all room types are good options for the GDS)

Single Room/ Double for Single Occupancy

90% of corporate travellers are required to book an entry level room

Double Room

*sell better than Twin or Family room types on the GDS

Superior/ Luxury Double or Junior Suite

10% of GDS reservations are high end/ leisure (for US travellers especially)

  • Remember to Order Room Types from lowest to highest in terms of value under Product Assignment.

  • From the those loaded, assign all of the applicable room features to each Room Type.

  • Make use of both the Short and Long description section. Optimised descriptions are vital to make your rooms stand out on the GDS.

Short Description

Include the Room Type name, room size, bed configuration and prioritised features.

Long Descriptions

Continue with a list of room features

(Take note of the suggested format for these descriptions: do not just copy and paste paragraph-style descriptions from your website - format and edit)

Room Type Descriptions



  • Add all nearby airports within a 200km radius, not just the primary one.

  • Remember to add the airport transportation options.


  • Ensure to fully update this section to correctly reflect your property's communications setup and avoid losing potential reservations. e.g. Some Corporate/ Government employees are required to use analogue dial up data port connections and not wireless internet access for security reasons.


  • Descriptions are necessary to sell your property on the GDS. Please take note of the recommended format given for each subsection under Descriptions on the Setup Form.


  • List all available dining options. This would include if you have a restaurant onsite or if there are restaurants nearby.

  • If your property type has kitchen facilities, consider also including nearby Supermarkets.

  • Remember to complete the section related to Room Service (if applicable).


  • Please ensure to update location, district and your proximity to your nearest city/ major city.

  • Remember to highlight public transport options in this section.


  • Important to correctly update this section, including the Physically Challenged Facilities subsection.


  • It is recommended to choose Corporate Transient as your Property Type (as 90% of GDS reservations will be for corporate travellers).

  • It is recommended to choose Midscale w/F&&B or Midscale w/o F &&B as your Market Tier (be aware that choosing a Deluxe or Luxury classification may exclude your property from the requirements of a corporate budget).

  • Update any star ratings applicable to your property (at a minimum you should indicate the Local Star Rating)


  • Choose as many Recreation facilities as possible (at your hotel or nearby) to make your location more attractive to guests.

  • If the facility is not onsite, include the distance from the facility to your property.


  • Please list all of the Attractions & Corporate businesses located near your property.

  • Include conference centres, universities, business parks and financial districts.

  • List the distance from the attraction/corporate location to your property; include the compass direction.


  • Please select all of the applicable safety features of your property. This is very important as travel agents will often search for properties with specific safety requirements for their customers.

  • These safety features are also important for RFPs, as many organisations require certain safety features at a property prior to accepting your property into their program.


  • Select all of the services that are available onsite at your property and/or nearby.

  • Specify if these services are free or chargeable.


  • We recommend not to add too many public Rate Types as they will overcrowd the travel agent's screen → 3 or 4 public rate types is the ideal.

  • When deciding which to include, consider the following suggestions:

Standard/ Best Flexible Rate

- Room Only
- Bed & Breakfast

Non-Refundable/ Advance Purchase/ Promo Rate

- Room Only (not BB)

Corporate Rate

- Room Only or BB

Government Rate

- Room Only or BB

We recommend loading public Promotional, Corporate and Government rate types. All of these rates types appear in specific, filtered searches on the GDS and your property will otherwise not appear in these search results.

These rate types could be loaded as:

  • 10% - 20% off your 'Standard/ Best Flexible - Room Only' rate.

  • Non-commissionable rates.

This will provide travel agents with the option to either book the 'Standard/ Best Flexible' rate with 10% commission or a lower value rate which has no commission (some agents prefer not to book a commissionable rate, as it involves additional paperwork for them).

Tip: If the % discount for these rate types matches the % commission you’ve offered on the 'Standard/ Best Flexible' rate type, this works out the same cost.


  • Only offer a ‘Bed and Breakfast’ version of your Standard/ Best Flexible rate if there is an actual discount/saving for booking that package option in advance , instead of booking the 'Room Only' rate and ordering breakfast during the stay.

  • Non-Refundable rates may not sell as well as your more flexible rates, however it is advised to offer these (or your alternative cheapest promo rate) as travel agencies want to see that they are being offered your cheapest possible rate (e.g. the 'Non Refundable - Room Only' rate for your entry level room).

  • Remember to Order Rate Types from lowest to highest in terms of value under Product Assignment.


Optimised rate descriptions are vital to draw attention to the inclusions of the rate type and make your property stand out on the GDS.

Short Description

Does it include any taxes? Meals? Is there complimentary WiFi and parking? Swimming pool, spa, gym access?

Long Descriptions

Should be a continuation of the Short description (if needed).
(Do not copy and paste the 'Short description' into the 'Long description' box)​

User-added image


Image distribution is a powerful tool that helps you to market your property more effectively across the Globe, through the use of Rich Media content. In a crowded and commoditised online environment, images can help your property stand out based on value rather than price - thereby driving higher bookings, supporting higher rates and reinforcing brand identity.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of the possibility to upload up to 50MB worth of images of your property to your GDS by SiteMinder account for distribution to all connected GDSs and many online channels. GDS by SiteMinder uses Leonardo's Content Manager for image distribution.

We recommend images of the following:

  • Minimum of one exterior shot

  • A shot of all public areas (e.g. lobby, reception, restaurant, gym)

  • One shot of each room type (include bathroom shot)

  • Leonardo automatically resizes your photos to meet the specific needs of the GDS. You only need to upload the highest quality image available.

  • Images are uploaded in a gallery format, so please ensure that all images are accurately captioned, detailing the room type or facility displayed.

  • Drag & drop to re-order the sequence in which your images are displayed.

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