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Run a check-in report
Run a check-in report
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Important to know:

  • The check-in report shows who is arriving at your property within a selected date range.

  • To run the check-in report, go to Reservations > Reports > Check-in report.

  • You can also download a list of reservations from the Reservations page.​

How to run a check-in report

To run a check-in report, go to Reservations > Reports > Check-in report.

Select which reservations will show in the report. In the Show check-ins for drop-down menu, select one of the following:

  • Next 7 days

  • Next 14 days

  • Next 30 days

  • Custom date range — choose the dates that will show on the report.

Click Search. A list of the relevant reservations will now be displayed.

Check-in report details

Reservations are displayed by check-in date, and their details are organised under the following columns:

  • Reservation ID — the identification number provided to the guest (also known as the booking confirmation number).

If you see the booking engine icon beside the booking reference, it means the reservation was made through your SiteMinder booking engine.

  • Guest names: the name of the main guest.

You might see a number beside your guest name. This means additional guests' data has been added to that reservation. Hover over the number to see the other guests’ names.

  • Length of stay — the number of nights booked for the reservation.

  • Check-out — your guests’ departure date.

  • Room type / room rate — the room rate and room type name, and the number of rooms booked under that room type.

If the reservation was created with more than one room type or rate, you will see the additional room types or room rates a separate row with the same reservation ID, guests’ names, check-in date, etc.

  • Booked-on date — the date and time the reservation was booked.

  • Channel — the name of the channel where the reservation was booked.

The reservations made through your booking engine will show as Direct booking. Demand Plus reservations will show the name of your property’s metasearch engine, such as Google Hotel Finder or Trivago.

  • Total amount — the reservation’s total price and the currency used at the time of booking.

Download a list of reservations

View and export a list of reservations for a specific date period to see guest details, check-in and check-out dates, channel and room details, booked-on dates, and booking statuses. To download a list of reservations:

  1. Go to Reservations.

  2. Add your filters, including the Date type (i.e. Booked-on, Check-in, or Check-out) and select dates.

  3. Click Search.

  4. Click on the Download CSV button. Select either Reservation summary or Room stay report to export the relevant details to a .csv file.

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